Okay. Day #14  and the Photo Challenge is eyes.   This could not have been  more appropriate  for us today! { Actually, it would have bee...

Day 14 - Eyes

Thursday, July 14, 2011 ,

Day #14 
and the Photo Challenge
is eyes. 

This could not have been 
more appropriate 
for us today!

{Actually, it would have been more appropriate
if the photo challenge today was something like:

"You head out to the post office for a quick 10 minute run
and end up trapped in the car for over an hour due to a 
torrential downpour and hail and lightning unlike
anything you've seen before in your life
and you can't get out of the car because you have a 
baby in a car seat and a toddler who insists on 
walking by herself anywhere even if it's flooding the sidewalks
and you're fearing for your life."

THAT would have hit the nail on the head for today.}

BUT, since that was not the photo assignment for today,
I have to tell you, "Eyes" was the most appropriate topic, because...

Someone picked up her brand new 
prescription eyeglasses today!

She's a blur!
Eisley has been diagnosed with amblyopia. 
Inherited her daddy's eye issues, it would seem.
So she needs to wear glasses for at least a couple months 
to try and prevent her from developing a lazy eye.
She may or may not need them after a couple months.
She may or may not need an eye-patch treatment
for a couple hours a day.
 The good thing is, we caught it pretty early.
That is crucial in successfully treating amblyopia.

I "tried them on" and I was shocked.
I have perfect vision and it was amazing
how blurry her glasses made my vision.
Obviously she needs them.
She's keeping them on {mostly}
so that just goes to show you how it's helping her vision. 

I chose some chunky frames over wire frames for her.
The wire frames looked dorky. 
Before you jump on me for that, it's just on her
I'm not saying people with glasses or wire frames are "dorky".
I like wire frames on many people.
But she's not a wire-framed type. 
They didn't suit her.
She's got spunk.
And the chunky, purple Candies frames fit her perfectly.

I told her,
"All the best masterpieces have 
fancy frames, you know."

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  1. Awwwww, you're *rockin* those purple glasses, Eisley! You *go*, girl!
    You're a cutie-patootie--with or without glasses! We love our little "framed" girl!


  2. Just when I thought it wasn't possible--EISLEY GETS CUTER!!

  3. P.S.--Something about that first picture just cracks Dad and me up! It's adorable, but it looks like some commercial ad from the 50s!

    It needs a caption--something like "THANKS, Dr. Goodview! These glasses are SWELL!!!"


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