My cake decorating hobby...

Having a creative personality type, I've enjoyed and dabbled in many {many!!} different hobbies over my lifetime. Everything from metal stamping to painting to decoupaging Altoid tins. I love any opportunity for creating, really. But cake decorating is one hobby I took classes in and have continued to practice over the years.

In 2009, when I was a new stay-at-home mom with a baby {Eisley}, I signed up for Wilton cake decorating courses at Hobby Lobby. I just happened to luck out having a great cake decorating instructor who was passionate about her art. I learned a lot, and more important, I had so much fun.

I don't do cake decorating for a business, and I never plan to. Sometimes your passions are best kept as hobbies, and not turned into something you rely on for making a living. That said, it has come in handy time and time and time again as a wonderful skill to have. Every time my kids have a birthday party, I can pull out my cake decorating knowledge and create a memorable, if not over-the-top, birthday cake to celebrate with.

Here are some of my better cakes 
that I've made over the years:

Violet's 4th Birthday Party
This is the "Walking Elsa Doll" cake I made for Violet's 4th birthday party in 2015.
This cake was inspired by this tutorial. 

Hello Kitty Party

This is Violet's 7th birthday cake, we had a Hello Kitty party and this "candy cake" was super fun to make!


I made this cake for my sister-in-law's November baby shower. It had gold-dusted berries, and I REALLY loved how it turned out.

Eisley's Super 7th Birthday

This is a simple superhero themed cake I made for my daughter's 7th birthday. 

Katy's Baby Shower
This is a simple, two-tiered cake I made for a vintage airplane themed baby shower. 

Chocolate Raspberry Torte
This is the Chocolate Raspberry Torte I made for Advent by Candlelight. 
Recipe and tutorial can be found here

This is the ice cream party cake I made for Eisley's 4th birthday party

This is a two-tiered, marshmallow fondant & buttercream covered cake I made for a bridal shower.
{Yes, I do my ampersands backward.}
More party pictures can be found here

Dumbo Birthday Cake
This is a Dumbo themed cake I made for Violet's 2nd birthday party. 
The topper is made out of color flow and food markers. More party pictures here!

Baby Cake
A simple baby shower cake, using a quick and easy rosette technique. 

This is the woodland cake I made for Violet's 1st birthday party with a Little Red Riding Hood theme.
That's fondant wood grain and green-tinted shredded coconut "moss".
More party pictures can be found here.

Boston Cream Pie
This is my simplified spin on a Boston Cream Pie. Tutorial here!

Paxton's 1st Birthday Paxton's 1st Birthday
This is Paxton's 1st birthday cake. His party had a Wynken, Blynken, and Nod theme.
This cake was very simple and easy.
More party photos can be found here. 

This is not my best work! The two tiers are too close in size, making it look like a really tall, one-tier cake. It was for Eisley's 3rd birthday, a Cowgirl Party.

A simple ruffle cake I made for Violet's baptism party, more photos here.

THIS was my FIRST tiered cake I made after completing all the Wilton cake decorating courses! It is a Queen of Hearts themed cake for my daughter, Eisley's, Alice in Wonderland 1st birthday party.

This is a cute Spongebob birthday cake I made for my niece.
I'm still proud of those colorflow toppers I made!

This is a carousel cake I made for Eisley's 2nd birthday party, which was a carnival themed affair.

Finally, a fondant Star Wars themed cake I made for a friend's daughter's 1st birthday party.

Thanks so much for checking out my cake crafts!
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