For the second year in a row, we've gotten in the car on a cold December night, driven to Starbucks to pick up a round of hot chocolat...

Your Last Chance to See the Best Christmas Display in Denver!

Saturday, December 10, 2011 , , ,

For the second year in a row, we've gotten in the car on a cold December night, driven to Starbucks to pick up a round of hot chocolates, and have gone driving to look at Christmas lights. I think this will have to be an annual family tradition. 
{Unfortunately, my Nikon battery died right as we got in the car so you'll have to deal with cell phone pictures. I was SO bummed!}

The most amazing house in the Denver area is located near Broadway & Belleview (going south on Broadway, turn right on Belleview, and the right on Elati). I remember driving past this house when I was younger, with MY parents. These people go far above and beyond the normal Christmas light display.

Sadly, this year we saw this sign at the display:

 You can click to enlarge it, but it reads: "The Kloewer Family wishes to thank you for the past 29 years of patronage. This year will mark the final celebration of our light display. Happy Holidays - Dick and Alice Kloewer"

This is sad for us because it's our favorite light display to see! People come from far and wide to see this house at Christmastime. While we were there for maybe 20 minutes last night, there were TWO LIMOS, one bus, and tons of cars crowding the street. It's always busy & popular here in December at night. But it's such a lovely display, it's worth seeing. Trust me, it's the most creative you'll ever see. 

If you're in the Denver area, make sure to visit this year! It will be your last chance! Mr. Kloewer must be some sort of engineer because the displays feature all sorts of trains and animated dolls and puppets:

The Rudolph's nose lights up when you push the button. This was a new feature (or at least we haven't seen it before) this year. 3-year-olds LOVE buttons...
 This is NOT a light display that you can just admire from your car. You must get out and walk around the entire yard to really appreciate all the little details. 
There are lit up display houses all over the yard, this one featured dancing puppets:
 The best part of this outing is spending time with the family for the holidays...

And seeing your child's eyes light up is better than any other light display in the world...
 Although I have to warn you, if you do go, bundle up well. Violet enjoyed being in daddy's coat.
 The trains are amazing! I'd bet they have almost a half mile of train tracks winding around their yard. Cute little trolleys and trucks zip around them constantly.
 Eisley was in heaven, despite how cold it was. 

This may be the Kloewer's last year, but don't fret too much. 
It would seem their neighbors down the street are planning on taking over the legend {POST EDIT: It turns out that, according to a Westword article on the Kloewers, this is their SON who lives down the street. Cool!}:
And if you're in this neighborhood, you might as well take a quick jog over to Downtown Littleton to see their hundred or so trees lit up...
 At the end of the drive is the Melting Pot tree, the most light-covered tree you'll ever see:
Merry Christmas!


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  1. Fortuitously, we drove by there on our way home from your house on Thanksgiving night, so Great Grandma got to see it, too. I LOVE that tree in downtown Littleton--the colors of the lights are so beautiful. It makes me a little sad that your girls won't be able to continue to go see the Kloewer's display for the remainder of their childhoods, but I guess there will be other displays...


  2. You should check out the house of a former student of mine. His brother,gratuated from HS last year, has designed his own light show to 4 different Christmas songs. Very cool. Took our kids and they loved it!! They have a radio frequency (94.1) so you just sit in your car and watch the show. Check it out-7148 S. Grant in Centennial. Close to Easter and Broadway.

  3. OKay, we need to go. Do you know when it closes in terms of how long after Christmas?? I love Christmas lights - our neighborhood is full of crazy displays, but that's because we live in the ghetto.

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