Lark + Lola.

In 2008 I officially started my little business, Lark & Lola.
What started out as a small craft business selling decorative light switch plates morphed into something much more. Although I'm currently taking it easy while raising two little ones, Lark & Lola has been at A Paris Street Market for a couple years, and my handmade crafts have been for sale in stores all over the Denver metro area. I even know of a few handmade items of mine that have made it all the way to France & Australia!

Lark & Lola isn't just a business, it represents my lifestyle, my love of art and making things, and my heart & soul.

Visit my Lark & Lola Idea Blog here to see my crafting & decorating ideas and to get an idea of what I do during the pie's naptimes.
Visit my Lark & Lola store here to get some pretty things for gifts and such or to find out about retailers and events.