Things are a little tense around here this week. Turns out the home buying process is just as emotionally demanding as we expected, o...


Thursday, January 09, 2014 , , ,

Things are a little tense around here this week.

Turns out the home buying process is just as emotionally demanding as we expected,
or maybe worse?
This has been a week full of
making offers,
negotiating prices,
racing downtown for homebuyer's classes,
speaking to multiple loan officers/brokers,
what ifs,
how tos,
as ifs,
basically freaking out over major decisions.

Silly distractions have been welcome moments of relief.
Good thing we have two daughters who can pull of silly in their sleep.
My body is showing signs of stress. We've both had headaches and knots in our stomachs.
I've got one of those sores on the back of my tongue that show up when I'm stressed.
{Making my speech slurred.}
Also a few pimples, and maybe some new gray hairs?

Justin and I are both on edge.
Amazingly, we're not fighting {yet} or disagreeing about these decisions.
We're just trying to figure things out.
Though we've been short with the kids and thus are feeling like bad, mean parents.
We can do better there.
I am ashamed.

Home shopping is sort of fun, but also very overwhelming. I want it to be over. The market is crazy right now. Interest rates are rising. We don't necessarily have the buying power that the other buyers--including investors--have. It's super competitive right now, and it will just get worse as we get closer to summer.
We are finally--FINALLY--to the point where we can make offers on homes we love.
For that, we're grateful.
But we're also realizing how hard it is to fall in love with a home enough to make an offer, without falling in love with it too hard so that when your offer is rejected, you're not devastated.
Can we repeat that process multiple times?
Sure, but I'll probably look like this when we finally close on a house.

Despite our funk,
these kids are their same cute, sweet & naughty, sinner & saint selves.
{This evening while I was making dinner, Violet found a bottle of nail polish and did herself a mani and pedi. It stopped my heart when I smelled the nail polish and knew--who else--that she had found some and obviously opened it...but the kid actually did a good job and there was no mess to clean up. Still...I thought I had all those nail polishes boxed up in the hall closet? How does she do it?}
Pray for us?
We need wisdom.
And patience.
Also a maid would be nice, because you should see the state of this house.

In the meantime, we're trying to keep things going around here.
Like blowing off some steam with Just Dance:

And watching the baby discover the joy of splashing during bathtime:

He gives his momma kisses.
Big, slobbery, open-mouthed kisses on whatever piece of my face he can access.

Now, if you'll excuse me...
Justin wants to talk with me about budgets and offers.

So, I have a plane for Mexico to catch.
Gotta run.


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  1. Bless your heart, homebuying is one of the craziest roller coasters ever invented. On what other $100-300K product do we make snap decisions based on no more than a tour and our feelings? Even a car gets a test drive, and now they let you try for a month. I think homebuying should be the same: you get to squat in the house for at least a few nights so you can get to know the creaks and cracks and train whistles and neighbor dogs before making a decision.

    Then again, when I'm selling, ain't no one gonna peer too closely. :)

    Can't wait to see you find something special and perfect for your family, including that rascal middle child!

  2. We're not making any offers at the moment but all the listing appointments are stressful enough for now. We bought a new computer for Christmas and spending a couple K was enough to send me running to the bathroom. Basically I'm going to be a wreck from now until we finally close in something:-/ Hang in there.

  3. Hang in there sweet lady! We just went through something similar... we built a new home. It was by far one of the most stressful things we've gone through.(Especially while having an 18 month old running around!) Once you are in your new place, a huge load will lift and you'll see how all the stress was well worth the wait! Promise! !)

  4. Oy. You are taking me back to the whole home purchase fiasco I had 5 years ago. But once you find your home it will be worth it! Don't give up Heather! I wish I had the innocence of children around to help remind me of what really mattered during life at that time!


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