For as long as I can remember, Eisley has always been our little singer-songwriter. When she was just two, she came up with a song for her  ...

Paxton's Song

Saturday, January 25, 2014 , , ,

For as long as I can remember, Eisley has always been our little singer-songwriter. When she was just two, she came up with a song for her vintage Fisher-Price Happy Apple that went:

Turn it around
Drip water down
A sweet apple-face!

She sang it constantly.

She also uses her songs to cope and express herself. When the car broke down or when Violet went to the hospital with an injury, Eisley got it out through song. She sits around singing about things that are going on, and we've gotten used to her singing storytelling.

This is a song Eisley has come up with about her brother Paxton {not to be confused with Paxton-lot Party, another song the girls love to sing}. She's been singing it for months now; it's kind of cute. Today I figured we might as well get it down on record. Here is Eisley singing Paxton's song, with Violet as backup:

You might recognize the tune, Scottish folk song The Bonnie Banks o' Lock Lomond. But her version is not about the lakes of Scotland, she sings about her baby brother instead. The first portion is incoherent, but the last part she sings:

It's a bella looking boy!
He's a bella looking boy!
It's a bella looking bank in the backyard.

Sometimes it's "bonnie looking boy" and if Paxton just happens to have his rabbit toy with him then it's "bunny looking boy". Anyway, it will be fun to see where this singing and song writing passion takes her.

That's all.


PS - I keep writing posts about this home-shopping/buying process. I don't have the guts to post them yet. Keep us in your prayers?

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  1. So sweet! I really enjoy your blog as a stay at home mom myself. I have written you before, my name is Julie and I have a little 2 year old daughter named Lily Grace. We live in Western North Carolina. I really enjoy looking at all your posts after Lily's asleep, especially your thrift store finds or your home tour because it's absolutely beautiful. Love your pyrex too, you now have me collecting! LOL. Good luck on your home buying process. Love the yellow house, very pretty. I also like your crafts and food you show how to make. Also love your family blog, beautiful family, they grow up so fast! Well have a great night and keep up the great posts! Take Care!

    1. Wow, thanks Julie! Did you say you have a blog? Would love to check it out.
      I'm very excited about things to come, but it's all still up in the air! I need to blog more about's therapeutic. ;-)

      Thanks for the super kind comment.

  2. Adorable:-) But you make me nervous with all if this home buying trepidation. We have three more showing tomorrow evening.

    1. I'll admit, I'm not handling the stress well. But it's fun to tour homes! Found any keepers yet?

  3. How precious! I love the way she punches the "Bella" and even sings the song with a Scottish accent! Eisley seems to have a natural gift for singing; I think she takes after her mother (I've always LOVED your singing voice!) I also noticed that Eisley has always had really good pitch--she always sang on key whilst singing along to the radio in your car, even at a very young age! Quite remarkable! I hope she will be involved in Young Voices of Colorado or something like it for pleasure and to develop her talent.


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