Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 13 - Me & 13 Things

Today's photo challenge is myself with 13 things.
This was tricky, it took me a while to figure something out.
Finally, I decided a collage was acceptable. 
Me and 13 things I made. 
{Click to enlarge.}
From top left, clockwise spiral:
 1. magazine bag
2. blouse turned lampshade
3. paper party crown
4. embellished clipboard, 
5. "Carpe Diem" paper garland
6. Roman window shades
7. Eisley's door hanger
8. recipe box
9. wall decor
10. me with my business cards I designed myself
11. my hanging folder paper organizer 
12. altered book
13. another wall decor made with Photoshop

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