This morning I took a walk by myself. I usually go with Paxton, but he was sleeping this time and I decided to go solo. My neighborhood alw...

Things I saw on my walk this morning...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 ,

 This morning I took a walk by myself. I usually go with Paxton, but he was sleeping this time and I decided to go solo. My neighborhood always has interesting things to see. Or at least I think so...maybe this post is just a new low for my blog: boring things I saw on my WALK this morning. Exciting! {I'm going to share my random workout songs from this morning's walk too--as chosen by Pandora--so brace yourself, this post is really riveting!}

Song playing while this photo was taken:
Stereo Love - Edward Maya
{Pandora was set to my techno/dance station at first. Hmm...}
This home was recently remodeled and resold and it's new owners have apparently installed a Little Free Library. So I made a note to bring a book or two with me on my next walk, so I can swap it at the Little Free Library. {Should we install one of these when we buy a house? It's a kind of cool idea, isn't it?}

Then I passed this house. Our neighborhood was originally made up of smaller homes like ours. But the location + big lot size of our urban-ish neighborhood has meant that people are moving in like crazy, scraping the old historic homes, and building McMansions--only most of them are stucco, yuck--and many of them buying 2 or 3 old lots so they can have HUGE YARDS. This is one that is actually well done {most of them look like cold, sterile, modern homes, OR really warm and inviting dentist offices}. This one has a gas light on the porch and it reminds me of a Charles Wysocki painting and I sort of want to paint it. {Y'all know by now, I'm a fan of the good old days, the Americana portrayed in Wysocki paintings.}
Song playing while this picture was taken:
Peace of Mind - Boston
We have a handful of churches in our neighborhood. This signs. Don't even get me started. I'm started! The Catholic church & school up the street makes the Lutheran in me cringe every week when they post a new message on their sign {their recent one is something like, "Treat the unexpected like God"...whaaa??? What does that even MEAN?!}
Song playing while this picture was taken:
Livin' on a Prayer - Bon Jovi
{Your church sign is living on a prayer, I tell you what...}
But I've been driving past this gem all week so I just have to share, after seeing it again on my walk this morning. Can you spot the error? I know two editors in my life who will probably notice the mistake right away.
Did you spot it? 

DifferANCE??? :::slaps hand to forehead:::: Ugh. I'm no grammar queen. I make mistakes all the time and abuse ellipses like crazy {I'm also guilty of the lazy spelling, tonite}, but this misspelling is just bad. I also have higher standards for signs and published material. I'm maybe being picky, it's just that in our neighborhood, lame church signs are a constant thing. If it's not the theological wreck down the street every day, then it's this. Churches! Represent!

And then I passed my muse, remember how this house inspired my first painting? I love this beauty.
Song playing while this picture was taken:
Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac
{I can play the bass for this song on Rock Band without error. That makes me a musician, right? Ha!}
When I was a little girl we lived in the Wash Park neighborhood for a few years. I remember my dad pointing out one of the old cottage-style homes one day, and he called it Snow White's house. I took him seriously, and I really believed that the same Snow White from the Disney movie lived up the street from us {or maybe she did a long time ago}. So I would beg him almost every time we were driving home from anywhere, "Can we drive past Snow White's house, daddy, please???"  And he always would humor me. I'm such a sucker for fairy tales, even today.

Anyhoo, this home is very similar; it looks straight out of a fairy tale, doesn't it? I passed it today on my walk, and it's cottage feel reminded me of Snow White's house. The roof! It's dreamy, isn't it?
Song playing when this photo was taken:
More Than a Feeling - Boston
That house is just a couple blocks from our home, and I fully expected the girls to greet me at the door as they usually do: half excited to see me and half angry that I didn't take them along. But when I got back home this morning, it was empty. {Except for, as you remember me complaining about the other day, all the baby gear. I told you it was everywhere!}
The family was hanging out in our bedroom as Daddy got ready for our outing to the bookstore for storytime. {I see this photo and think, "Eisley, where are your glasses?" I hate that these days I have to nag her to wear them. The first two years of her having glasses she wore them religiously and now we have to fight her to get them on and keep them on. And yes, we've doubled checked that her prescription is right. Ugh. This too shall pass...}
Hey lady! Go put those glasses on!!
I would love to extend this post to my friends, go on a walk this week and share photos of what you see. No matter how "boring", I'd love to see what a walk looks like in your neck of the woods.

{You just have to be willing to be that creepy lady who walks around taking photos of your neighbors houses and stuff.}


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  1. That little cottage is so sweet. I wonder if they would mind me moving in? HA! I can't stand seeing signs with misspellings. It really overshadows the point they are trying to make, doesn't it?

    Have a great day, Heather!


    btw....I know I don't need to tell you this, but Paxton is getting so dang big. Look at him sitting up by himself (almost).

  2. Heather I just LOVE your blog. I'm inspired by that little library- what a great idea :)

  3. It should also say either "What ARE gods?" or "What is God's." Right now it reads to me like it's asking what gods and ceasars is. What IS they???


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