I'm a little behind on the Halloween post this year. As we prepare for tonight's Advent service at church, it feels almost unholy...

Halloween 2013

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Halloween 2013
I'm a little behind on the Halloween post this year. As we prepare for tonight's Advent service at church, it feels almost unholy to be posting about Halloween. 

But my blog is like a scrapbook for our family, and I can't not post what Halloween looked like for our family this year!
Our family - Halloween 2013
Party of five on Halloween night!

My Eisley wanted to be a doctor, of all things. She is such a funny kid. I have no idea where she got that idea but she talked about it for months. Violet--despite being our little bruiser--loves all things girly. So she wanted to be a princess. 
The girls and me on Halloween night
I didn't make their costumes this year. Despite telling myself I'd always make their costumes--as a craft-loving stay-at-home-mom I just thought I should--this year I just couldn't get to it. Eisley's costume was an easy white lab coat + a $5 stethoscope off Amazon {she wanted the real thing, not a cheap toy} and I made her cute little badge. Violet picked this dress by a company that specializes in soft, washable costumes {and it IS soft and good quality for kiddie dress-up clothes}. I was going to buy her a nice tiara from Hobby Lobby's wedding section, but when she saw a paper crown I crafted a long time ago, she insisted on wearing that. I was so happy she liked it!

I took this photo of Paxton in his cute skeleton outfit...
I did NOT photoshop that picture! I downloaded it off my cell phone that way. Isn't that funny? Do you see it? If not, take another look.
Something strange about that photo.

This one is better:
Mr. Pax & Me
I take a lot of photos of this kid, have you noticed? Of course you have.
Here's one of us, together, judging you:
One day in late October, we came home to find we had been booed!
We've been booed!
There was a bag for the kids and a bag for me. I didn't get a photo of the kids' treats before they ripped into the goodies.
But here's a shot of what was in my Boo Bag:
Inside the Boo! bag 
In case you don't know already, this is all from my mom. She booed us. As you can see, she went overboard. All so cute! But wow. My mom's love language is totally gift giving. She loves putting goodie bags together. If we have my parents over for dinner, she usually comes with a "hostess goodie bag" for me. If we go to their house for dinner, then there is usually some sort of "guest goodie bag". 

Oh mom! You spoil us. 
And thank you!
She included some of her amazing handmade soaps. They smell incredible too, apple cinnamon or something. They're black because have charcoal in them, which helps remove toxins from your body, no joke. The "Vampire Repellent"--haha--is dried garlic.

This Halloween I found a new favorite pumpkin beer. Random, but true.
Speaking of my mom, every year her work holds a huge trick or treat event for all the employees and their families. It's quite the event. Every department decorates and has their own theme. My mom's department had a graveyard theme this year. Some departments had Monsters Inc., one had a Disneyland theme, Alice in Wonderland, and these people go ALL out. Each department has tons of trick or treat stations, and they give out handfuls of candy. It's all over-the-top. In the lobby there was a bounce house this year, a free hot dog dinner station, and just too much to take in. 
Trick or treat with Grandma
Mom did a really good job decorating her office.
My mom's Hallowen office
She decorated every corner. 
Mom's office decor
And put up some crafts made by yours truly!
My crafts in mom's office
Next year, we've realized--instead of buying our own candy to give out--we just need to save the candy we get from mom's work to give out. 
{It was SO. MUCH. CANDY!}
Trick or treating at Grandma's work
Halloween candy is so expensive, don't you think?
It looks good in Pyrex though.
Candy bowl 
On Halloween, it has become a tradition for a few years now to have my parents over to watch the door while we trick or treat. Then we have pumpkin soup after we get back home, cold and hungry for real food. 
Table settings for Halloween
So I set the table before we headed out. 

I carved all these pumpkins myself--they are all pumpkins from our church garden.
{Sadly we didn't get as many pumpkins as we'd hoped, as our pumpkin patch got a fungus that killed them prematurely. Oh well, next year we know to treat the fungus!}
Our porch
Time to trick or treat! 
The girls in costume
Here's a close-up of Eisley's doctor badge that I made to complete her look.
She loved it. Still wears it.  
Dr. Eisley's badge
I know I say this every year, but our neighborhood is seriously the best to trick or treat in. 
Our neighborhoodHalloween night
Something about Halloween in our neighborhood is just wonderful. I think it's a combination of the wide sidewalks, the cathedral streets with old trees, the old homes...

Like this creepy Victorian home down the street. They go all out every year. 
Scary house
This year their display included two coffins, a spinning head in a mad scientist's laboratory on the porch, and this spider...
Scary spider
...who jumped at you when you walked by! Ick. 
Spider jump
With our bags full of candy, it was time to head home...
Time to head home
...for some spicy pumpkin soup. Yum!
Pumpkin soup
And that was what Halloween 2013 looked like for us.
Jack O Lanterns

Now, time to go get ready for Advent!


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  1. My niblings are the cutest ever! I can't believe you carved so many pumpkins. Did you sell your soul for the energy and wrist strength? They look darling.

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