Time for a November Ten in 10. It's the 10th already?! After church & fellowship, we dropped Justin off at work...he's workin...

Ten on 10 - November 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013 , , ,

Time for a November Ten in 10. It's the 10th already?!
After church & fellowship, we dropped Justin off at work...he's working on getting Sundays off all together. That, friends, would be awesomesauce.

I was driving down the freeway at 70 mph when I took this picture.
Totally kidding! I was parked. Just tell CPS never mind and hang-up your phone.

In the parking lot at Justin's work, he handed me a $5 and said, "Go get yourself some DD." Well, shoot. So I drove to get coffee at Dunkin' Donuts {it's my new Starbucks}. Eisley pointed to the words on my cup and asked me what it said, it went like this:
"What does your cup say?" she asked.
"'What are you drinkin'?'" I answered.
"Nothing! But what does your cup say?" she said.
"'What are you drinkin'?'"
"NOTHING...but what does this say???"
"'What are you drinkin'?'"
"NO! I'm not drinking anything! But what does THIS SAY!?"
And it continued like that.
Today I also watched a squirrel hang out of a tree for several minutes. I posted a photo of this on Instagram & Facebook, then I regretted doing so. It was probably not as amusing as I had originally thought.
This boy smiled at me and was well behaved. Because you know what they say, boys will be boys... 

{I hate that phrase because it's often used to excuse rude belligerence and I feel it implies that boys are too stupid to learn to follow rules. Wait...this wasn't supposed to be a rant post. I'm so sorry.}

I took this photo to send to my sister to show her how mom's emu oil has helped with the fine lines around my eyes. {Emu oil is my FAVORITE beauty product nowadays! It also cures diaper rashes like nobunny's bidness.} I never did send it, the picture below. {You're welcome, Bea. Bea already suffers from my constant, silly texts.} I've actually always thought photos of eyes were sort of gross. Now here I am posting one...hypocrite here!
I made a Crock Pot "stew"--which involved Coca-Cola--in the new Target "French Bulldog" Crock Pot. I followed no recipe. It was a decent meal. Our stew meat was about to expire and our potatoes were threatening to sprout, so just in time!
Got my paint on today. I'm in love with this new Chalk Paint. More blog posts to come there! This stuff deserves it's own post.
Glued some states to magnets...with glitter, of course.
Picked out our first hard cider of the season. Just Mike's, but we thought it was pretty good and very refreshing.
We watched tonight's episode of Homeland {what the what?!<--my thoughts after every episode of Homeland} while I waxed this piece for my new booth.
The baby went to bed. Justin went to bed. The wax & I stayed up to party.

That's 11/10/13 for you. Twelve felt left out.


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