First, does anyone know where you can find 1/2" diameter Advent candles? I'm half-considering dipping my own purple and pink ...

Thanksgiving Thoughts

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Thanksgiving Greetings
First, does anyone know where you can find 1/2" diameter Advent candles? I'm half-considering dipping my own purple and pink candles, by golly.

A little while back I picked up this vintage Fenton candle bowl at the antique mall. It's jadite, it's hobnail, it's basically everything I love in a vintage piece. And it was a steal. My first thought was that it could be an awesome Advent wreath...if only it had one less candle hole. But I texted my fellow vintage-loving friend whom I knew I could trust for sound advice {hi Kellee} and she said no one would ever know there was a 6th candle hold if I threw some greenery in there. Brilliant.  
Vintage Fenton jadite hobnail candle bowl
The problem now is that I have no idea where to find 1/2" purple and pink tapers. Life is rough.

Second, Justin and I are decorating for Christmas early again this year. Pre-Thanksgiving. Why? Because we can! {Fake tree.}

So tonight we're doing the traditional Erickson tree-decorating thing. Basically that means dinner will be snacking on crackers and port wine cheese, olives, and smoked oysters while playing The Christmas Revels CD and drinking egg nog. Look, it's tradition. I have no control over how I was raised. 
Tree decorating dinner
Third, how about these vintage Christmas linens, eh? The hand towels still have 93¢ Duckwall's tags on them and I was shocked to find the tablecloth is still unused with it's original tag also. I'm thankful for vintage linens and all the elderly people who preserved them for us. {Thank you Dorothy, thank you Eugene. I love you Florence, and you too, Archie.}
Vintage Christmas linens
Finally--because it's not like me to do a blog post without sentiments--I just have to say that I'm missing my grandmother right now as we find ourselves in the holiday season. Holidays have a way of highlighting someone's absence. 

For a few weeks there I could pretend my sister was still up in Longmont a mere 45 minutes away. But nowadays, it's hitting home that she is all the way over in the Carolinas doing whatever it is they do out there for Thanksliving. {She addressed Thanksgiving today on her blog too, and yes, the monkey bit IS true.}

I have a fond memory, however, to share from last Thanksgiving. Grandma was a good sport as my silly family staged a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving photoshoot:
My family has fun together. This is one good memory I have from last year that I'll be holding onto this year. Oh yes, we did dress the baby up as a turkey.
thanksliving Cherish the ones you love this Thanksgiving and this Christmas season.


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