Happy Halloween to you!   Just thought I'd pop in to share some great photos of our pre-Halloween fun.    It's becoming a tra...

Pre-Halloween Fun

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Happy Halloween to you!My BOO! garland Halloween decor 
Just thought I'd pop in to share some great photos of our pre-Halloween fun. 
Boo! Garland 
It's becoming a tradition now to go "Boo!" our friends and family each year. This year we only did a few quick Boo!'s but we had fun doing it.
I put my own hand-crafted Boo! garlands in my boo bags. 
Booing mom & dad 
This year, for a reason I may never know, Eisley announced that she wanted to be a tiger for Halloween. She's never really been into tigers, not sure where this idea originated, but when she persisted for an entire month without changing her mind I went ahead and made them little tiger costumes. They were dirtied well before Halloween too, since Eisley wanted to wear hers constantly. 
Tiger costumes! 
The girls got a chance to wear them early this year, we went to the trick or treat event last Sunday at Justin's grandmother's retirement home. She lives in a really lovely retirement home, very swank! It's a great, safe place to trick or treat. 
Sister tigers 
Violet took to trick or treating like a fish to water, free candy? Yes, please!
These elderly folk do a great job decorating the halls and greeting the children...
I'm not reaching in there... 
They don't let the fact that they don't have a front yard keep them from displaying large decorations for Halloween!
Forgive the indulgent amount of photos here, I just can't get enough of these girls in their tiger costumes!
Giant kitty 
Violet wasted no time getting down and dirty, I was hand-washing chocolate out of her costume just an hour before trick or treating last night.
My little tiger 
You can really tell the senior citizens so look forward to these events. They LOVE the children, the children LOVE the free candy, the parents LOVE seeing their children fussed over by hundreds of grandmas--everyone wins!
Trick or treat! 
Violet took a spill, but really this photo is being posted because, hello!, cutest tiger bum ever!
Cutest tiger bum ever 
Some of the residents have small pets that greet the kids as well. 
Trick or treating--hi puppy! 
This little boy in the monkey mask was really very nice, but he had Violet terrified for a while. It was so cute, she's all tough until she see's a boy in a monkey mask and then she's hiding behind my legs. 
The scary monkey
More puppies!
Petting the puppy 
With all three floors and multiple wings trick or treated, it was time to head to Great Grandma Sander's apartment to inspect the loot. 
Checking out her loot 
Here is Eisley with her cousin, Moriah. Definitely a resemblance, no?
Eisley & Moriah 
I had to try and get Viv to sit for at least one good shot with Great Grandma Sander, this is the best I got. I'll take it!
Eisley & Violet with Great Grandma Sander 
Finally, the night before Halloween we got around to carving our pumpkins. 
Time to carve pumpkins! 
The girls lasted a few minutes, Justin and I did most of the work. 
Carving pumpkins! 
But they look cute in their aprons, no?
Eisley fretted over her dirty hands, but Violet embraced the goo. 
Stella helps carve pumpkins 
Even Stella participated. She ate some of the pumpkin guts. 
Admiring our work 
Time to admire our mom and dad's work!
Cute pumpkins

I prefer classic, happy pumpkins. So that's what we did. 

If you want to see a few more photos, you can check out my Flickr album

Next post, Halloween itself!

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  1. Your mantel looks great! I love all of the books! Very cute pics, and I love how the pumpkins turned out!

  2. Great job on those tiger costumes, H! They're adorable. The photos are so pretty I had to look at them all several time. I LOVE your 'Ween mantel!Your Jack O' Lanterns are really cute, and thanks again for the "Boo!" bag on my doorstep! I LOVE receiving a Heather Boo Bag! (Just had a corny thought--"Heather Boo Boo"--get it?)
    Thank you for all the kind and thoughtful things you do for people, and your children will someday fondly remember their mom making them special Halloween costumes :-)



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