Halloween was lots of fun for us this year, both girls getting to enjoy the fun of trick or treating, and a nice night for us in genera...

Halloween 2012

Wednesday, November 07, 2012 , , ,

Me & my girls! 
Halloween was lots of fun for us this year, both girls getting to enjoy the fun of trick or treating, and a nice night for us in general. 
Little tiger Violet 
Justin left work early so that we could hit the streets a bit before the sun went down. My neighborhood is such a joy to trick or treat in! Big sidewalks, pretty houses, the streets are always packed with families and EVERYONE decorates in my neighborhood. 
Trick or treat, little tiger! 
Part of the fun for me is getting to peek inside all the other big houses in our neighborhood. I'm not a stalker...I just like to see how people decorate. 
One tiger was brave enough 
Parents are often seen with pumpkin beers or solo cups of wine while trick or treating with their kids in our neighborhood. Our neighbor across the street even hands out beers as "treats" to adults. There is just such a good vibe here on Halloween night. 
Trick or treaters 
As long as the house wasn't too scary, Violet had no reservations hitting them up for candy with her sister. 
Tigers trick or treat 
In Colorado, many Halloweens we have to put our kids in parkas and snow boots to trick or treat in. This year, we could not have asked for a more perfect night. It was warm (for October in Colorado) and beautiful. 
Halloween sunset 
So we hit up a lot of houses...
Castle house 
But then dark came and my parents came over after work. 
This is getting to be a tradition, I like that they can be here to answer our door, and then we have a nice warm dinner together when the girls are done trick or treating. 
Me & my mom 
So when my parents arrived to watch the house and eat our food, we headed out once again, this time in the dark. Oooh!!! Spooky!!!
Orange glow 
See what I mean about everyone going all out in our neighborhood?
Christmas lights are the same way. I love it here. 
We even saw a party bike riding around the neighborhood, giving out candy. 
Doesn't that look like fun?
Party bike - reverse trick or treating 
This is one of my favorite houses in the neighborhood. Maybe I'll paint it...
Americana house 
We took turns, ringing doorbells, begging strangers to give our children much needed candy. Seriously, I love this holiday when I get to stalk see in my neighbor's houses. 
Momma trick or treating with her tigers 
Coolest door of the neighborhood:
The hobbit door house 
With the moon rising and two tiger bags full of candy, it was time to head home for...

{Justin put up our Halloween lights at 3 p.m. that day, by the way.}
Our house 
Time for pumpkin soup! Edie's Chipotle Pumpkin Barley soup, to be exact. SO complex and SO delicious! We're definitely going to make it again soon. {We doubled the chipotle peppers in it, does that make us tough? ;-) It was so yummy!}
Soup Tureen 
I wanted to use a soup tureen...well we only have one and it's from my great-grandmother's fine china, so I busted out the Johnson Brothers and made our Halloween dinner look all fancy schmancy. 
Fall salad (it's only fall because it has a gold colored pear in it...) 
Also some Dearly Beloved wine, brought all the way from North Carolina's Trader Joe's by my parents the week before. {Thanks mom!}
Dearly Beloved wine 
It was such a wonderful meal to end a great night of Reformation & Halloween celebrations!
Chipotle Pumpkin Barley Soup 
My dad, who is usually the first to want to leave and go home to bed, suggested a game of cards after we after we ate. 
Playing Kings in the Corner 
So that is what we did, we taught my parents to play Kings in the Corner, and we laughed lots.
Poker face 
I love Halloween. 
Halloween Moon

Thanks for visiting!
Now, on to the holidays, full speed ahead. Oh boy...

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  1. What a fun way to spend the day!

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Missed you guys a lot this Halloween. Eisley and Viv look adorable.

    1. We missed you too! I was handling this until the holidays started to come...Now I really dislike that you're all the way across the country :-(

      But, can't wait to see you soon!!

  3. The best part of Halloween is definitely looking into other people's homes, haha. Wish I had a kid or two so I could do this!
    P.S. The photo of the sunset behind the trees is beautiful. xx


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