Shopping Fredericksburg, Texas, was oh so fun! I guess I had low expectations? Hey, I've been to pretty much every touristy mountain ...

Texas: Shopping Fredericksburg

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Lovely pillows
Shopping Fredericksburg, Texas, was oh so fun!
I guess I had low expectations? Hey, I've been to pretty much every touristy mountain town of Colorado, I thought I knew what a western/southwestern tourist town shopped like. There are the shops with the carved bear signs, the shops with the fudge, and the shops with the "antiques" {which are not really antiques}.

To my surprise and delight, Fredericksburg had some genuinely unique little shops! Most of them I captured no good photos of. But here's a little post for you anyway...
Hospital turned kitchen shop in Fredericksburg, TX
This was apparently the old hospital in Fredericksburg. These days, it's a shop called Der K├╝chen Laden. Aka, The Kitchen Store. Like most stores in Fredericksburg, you walk in thinking it's tiny, and then it goes back into Narnia. It was HUGE! I bought biscuit cutters, a pie bird, and some gifts.
Building in Fredericksburg
The typical main street Fredericksburg building looked like this. Not what I'm used to as far as old western towns, at all.
Chocolate covered pickles, bacon, and jalapenos
There is fudge, sure, but also chocolate covered pickles, chocolate covered bacon, and chocolate covered jalapenos.
Shop in Fredericksburg
Oh how I wish I'd snapped some photos inside this store. Oh well.
Fredericksburg, TX
Lots of two-storied shops with balconies. Reminded me more of New Orleans than the typical western town. Fredericksburg was settled by Germans, maybe that has something to do with it...
Shopping in Fredericksburg
And by golly, it was just all so pretty.
Antiques in Fredericksburg
Cowgirl boot shot!
One of our favorite shops on the Fredericksburg strip was simply called Red.
The shop, Red, in Fredericksburg, TX
Red had all sorts of good looking home decor and goods.
Lots of inspiration.
Shopping at Red
Okay, there was a little small town touristy junk, too.
Like this underwear joke doormat. Inside joke.
Basically, Jan likes to buy everyone underwear.
Underwear joke
We also hit up more than one antique store. My favorite!!
The Attic
Okay, so I didn't buy any antiques, but the best part is just looking. Edie bought a set of antlers in this antique shop...
Antiquing in Texas
LOTS of hot sauces. Also, this photo reflects only about 1/10 of this shop.
I am proud to say, I sampled a ghost pepper salsa in this shop.
It was HOT.
Hot sauce shopping
This blue truck, technically outside a shop, but worth buying nonetheless, right?
Truck Yeah
Texas state pillows were everywhere. Now I want to make a Colorado pillow, it'd be easy. Our state is already square.
Texas Pillows
Everything is bigger in Texas.
Giant hat & boots
Of course--how could we pass up a Goodwill in Texas? Jan spotted it, we stopped immediately.
There was nothing good. We left immediately.
Texas, "go big or go home" also applies to the prices.
Okay, just kidding, but
I might have bought this mirror, if it were under $500. Or maybe $50.
Cowgirl Mirror
Western gear is in no shortage in Texas!
Again, I wish I had snapped better photos of the shops, but here's what I have. Check out my friend Jan's post on shopping in Fredericksburg.
It was a lot of fun, that little town has some fantastic and unique stores.
FUN shop in Fredericksburg, TX
One last stop, we checked out this cute old house which is a shop called Smitten...
Smitten in Fredericksburg, TX
This photo doesn't do it justice, but I would have bought the entire kitchen if I could have! Smitten is a definite stopping point in Fredericksburg. If nothing else than to see the old, cute house.
{cell phone pic...eeewwww!}
Smitten Kitchen
It was humid and warm down in Texas!
Here I am, on day two, enjoying main street.
Shopping in Fredericksburg

Okay people, what do you want to hear about next?
The wineries?
Wildseed Farms?


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  1. Looks like so much fun! Was "Smitten" a shop? Or just a look and see?

    1. Smitten was a shop, in an old house. It was so cute! I wanted to take everything home with me :)

  2. I want those pillows! Great pictures. You look cute.

    1. Thanks, Bea :)

      Everyone on the trip was surprised to learn my sister has a normal name after all. They always thought it was weird that our parents named you something like Vesuvius, and then went on to name their second daughter plain old Heather. Lol, true story. :)

  3. You make a lovely pillow model. Some how, I didn't even notice you taking pictures in any of the stores! They are all great. Now, if I can just get you and Jan to stop with pictures of the back of my head that would be great :)

    1. But you have such a lovely head!

      Glad my photo snapping didn't bother you, I felt like a creepy paparazzi the entire trip.

  4. Aww, such good times. Thanks for the post trip recap. I'm enjoying seeing and reading about it all over again.

    1. :) I'll come back to these posts every so often and re-live it. that a weird thing to say?


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