So this is where we stayed in Texas. I know what you're thinking, what a dump, right? No, obviously , I'm being facetious. I...

Texas: Room & Board

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The Big House at Cotton Gin Village
So this is where we stayed in Texas.
I know what you're thinking, what a dump, right?
No, obviously, I'm being facetious. It was amazing! Adriane, probably/maybe along with the help of her sisters, selected this place for us to stay on our Texas adventure. She doesn't know it yet, but she's going to be my personal travel agent from here on out, because boy, does she know how to pick 'em?
Cotton Gin Village
We stayed in the "Big House" at the Cotton Gin Village. I stole Jan's photo because it's one of the only blue-sky photos from our trip and it's a fantastic picture of where we stayed. Gathering in Texas! 
As you can see, there was plenty of room for all of us, and big comfy couches upon which much good Lutheran lady chat was had. Basically, I learned a LOT on those leather sofas. 

Upon arriving at the Big House on day one, they immediately banned Jan & I to the kitchen to cook and serve food. Just kidding, we all got to work creating a snack feast that would have rivaled any good Lutheran potluck in the large kitchen. It was wonderful! I miss that big kitchen so much...
Let's eat!
This was our first evening, when we had all just arrived {except Edie, who arrived the next day}. What is not photo'd is Jan's amazing artichoke spinach dip which we ate throughout the stay and it made my breath stink but satisfied cravings the entire time. She knows the recipe by heart, so it's like that sort of situation, you see?
Snack setup

Right there is where we made s'mores the first night, infusing our clothes with that lovely campfire smell and even shared a few birthing stories. And other important stuff. 
Big House backyard
On night two, we had a pedicure night. It was so fun!
I fear, however, that I may have been the awkward quiet one because I was so captivated by the conversations going on around me. These women are smart, they are fun, and boy do they know their Lutheran doctrine. I learned a lot.
Pedicure night!
But seriously, Cotton Gin Village is a little oasis in Fredericksburg, Texas. 
It was perfect.
Cotton Gin Village entrance
There are tons of water features... this is just one.
Water feature at Cotton Gin Village
with koi!
Koi of the Cotton Gin Village

Even the vending and ice machines were quaint. Vending & Ice
And this darling decoration, spotted in the Sky Mall on the plane, we found was also the only Halloween decor at the Cotton Gin Village. I mean, this is Texas right? Go big or go home.
Sky Mall guy
We were so mesmerized by some of the vegitation at Cotton Gin Village that we asked the manager/owner (?) for an education. This, according to him, is Mountain Laurel. I bet it's pretty when it blooms, but it looked like a sort of peanut bush to us:
Mountain Laurel
And pomegranates:
Cotton Gin Village is full of little cabins to stay in. Of course, we had the biggest--the Big House--but there were lots of others that looked so darling and so much better than a Best Western, you know? This one was named the Rio Grande. We saw a cute bride and groom enter another cabin.
Cotton Gin Village at dusk
This was the view looking out from our little oasis, Texas is a very green state:
It was a very lovely location, indeed.
If you ever find yourself in Cotton Gin Village Fredericksburg I highly recommend that you check into this joint.
Cabernet Grill at the Cotton Gin Village

Next up, sure to be one of my favorite posts, Shopping Fredericksburg!


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  1. Wow. Nice place! I'm sure you had a great time! And I can tell by the leaves of the plant that that is Mountain Laurel. That's our state plant here in these parts! :) I have a couple of them in my landscaping. And they are beautiful when they bloom, but mine do not get the "peanut-looking" thingies on them! Must be a different type of mountain laurel. Anyway, have a blessed day, dear bloggie friend!

    1. They look so pretty when they bloom (I Googled) I wish we had them here in Colorado! We never get the pretty bushy flours because it's so dry here. Oh well...

      Thanks for the comment, Amber :)

  2. I could go for some of that spinach artichoke dip about now . .. just sayin'.


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