It's about darn time I update my blog. Sorry, folks, but lately I just haven't been up to it. Not blogger's block or anything ...


Saturday, August 28, 2010 , ,

It's about darn time I update my blog. Sorry, folks, but lately I just haven't been up to it. Not blogger's block or anything - I just haven't felt like it. But by golly, I have not poured myself into this blog for almost 3 years now just to burn out and stop posting. Never.

It's 10:30am. Eisley and I just woke up at 10. I went to yell at the dog's for barking - we have an unusually high number of pedestrians in this neighborhood, most of them walking their dogs. Our dogs have to bark & howl at every. single. one. of. them. But this time it was Justin they were howling at, he ran up the walk and presented me with a white bag, which can only mean one thing, kissed me on the cheek and said, "Have a good day, I have to go!"

Just like that he was gone again.

A white paper bag means: a croissant from Trompeau's Bakery. If you live in the Denver metro area and have never been to Trompeau's you're missing out. A little hole in the wall, right across the street from DU, run by a real Frenchman - thus, he knows how to make a croissant like nobody's business. You MUST visit the hole in the wall and delight yourself with a ham & cheese, or perhaps a pear & chocolate.

Or pick one up in the morning to surprise your wife with.

So, me with my warm croissant & Eisley occupied by playing the piano with her butt {a daily morning ritual}, I now have a chance to update my blog and I must do so.

I give you: Stardust.
{The small one on the left.}
Eisley's first pet. We spent some of her birthday money on this little setup. Of course, after the pet store I read online that 1/2 a gallon is far too small for a betta {then why do they market this tiny betta kit???} so we'll have to upgrade Stardust's house here pretty soon...
Which is too bad, because it's so lovely to have a tank that mounts on the wall. Out of reach for small, curious hands, if you get what I mean.
Eisley loves her new pet, and feeding him has become part of our daily schedule. Now that she's two we're trying to create more rituals & routines in her day, such as brushing teeth & Lord's Prayer before bed. Feeding Stardust is a pre-nap routine.
My grandmother gave my sister & I each our own pet fish when I was about two years old. It's one of my first memories.

Cheers! Let's see how long it takes me to post again...

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  1. I'm obsessed with that fish bowl on the wall! I want one!! Also, great photos. I'm glad you updated your blog..I love reading it!

  2. Thanks!
    you should get one, they're only $10 at Petsmart. But as I said, apparently they're too small for a betta, maybe a smaller fish would do better?

  3. Cool! I've never seen a wall-mounted fish tank before! Now *I* want one, TOO!!! (So what kind of fish would be appropriate for that size tank--goldfish?) ~ Mom

  4. No - especially NOT goldfish. The more I'm reading about it - everyone says there is really no fish that should be kept in anything smaller than at LEAST 1.5 gallons. :-/

    A healthy betta can supposedly grow to 5 inches long! But they need the space, apparently they get anxiety when kept in small spaces.

    SO - we're going to get a bigger tank next week. Petsmart did have some very attractive bigger tanks. I'm kinda annoyed that companies even market tiny tanks that they know aren't good for the fish. People see it at the store and ASSUME it's ok for the fish when it says "BETTA KIT" on it.

    Here's more info:

  5. I'm thinking this one might be good for Eisley, it's 2.5 gallons and very girly.

  6. Or this one, 2 gallons, comes with an LED light which is supposed to enhance the coloring on the betta's fins.

  7. What a cute room and I love the fish tank on the wall! What a great idea!


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