Two years ago today my darling Eisley was born! Above is the party invite, which I got here. Today was Eisley's Carnival - to celebrate...

Eisley's Carnival!

Sunday, August 08, 2010 , , ,

Two years ago today my darling Eisley was born!

Above is the party invite, which I got here.

Today was Eisley's Carnival - to celebrate her 2nd birthday! Over 30 of our dearest friends & family were there to help us celebrate.

Kiddos got a bag for holding their treats, with a balloon to decorate.

Games were set up, at which they could win prizes:

Ring Toss prize was a "pet fish", or a gold fish toy in glycerin soap!

Spin-A-Prize treats included one of the following:

From the Duck Pond game they won a gumball machine.
A fortune telling booth -

- kids got a fortune cookie & mood fish.
The "Tattoo Parlor", with temporary tattoos!
And finally, we put up a photo booth! Complete with photo props.
Belle, our adorable neighbor:
Moriah, Ayla, & Indy - Eisley's cousins:
Peter & Angela - Eisley's godparents:

Friends Dalley & Aaron, expecting their own precious daughter next month!

For background music, I got this old timey carousel music on Amazon! Justin said it would drive him crazy, but it added so much to the atmosphere.Here is the carousel cake I made Eisley! It was made from chocolate cake, buttercream, marshmallow fondant, royal icing, and color flow horses I piped myself.

Cotton candy & animal crackers

Piggy Pie:
Circus peanuts, served on a ferris wheel.
We made about 35 caramel apples, and they were a hit.

The Birthday Girl totally pigged out on peanut M&Ms.

Eisley LOVED opening presents!

Both of her Great Grandmothers were there, which was really special

Happy Birthday Eisley! We love you so much, we hope your party was special for you, it was for us.

PS - Family & friends, I'd love some better pics of Eisley & guests if you have them!

Also - I wish I could take credit for all the ideas, but many of them came from these AMAZING carnival parties at Kara's Party Ideas & Under the Table and Dreaming.

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  1. you must be one exhausted mama! Wow! I love the cake and the refreshments! Good job Heather!

  2. It was a fabulous time! I think you should freelance as a party planner.

  3. It was a beautiful party and a wonderful day. Thank you so much for inviting was awesome!

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. I can only aspire to one day have a birthday party that is this colorful, fun, and full of sugary-sticky goodness!

  5. Is it okay now to write my blog about the amazing party? I wanted to wait until you did yours.

  6. I'm flattered! Thank you & go for it!


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