I have 3 family outings to share with you - all of which took place in the last couple weeks. We've been busy, trying to get the most o...

Family Outing No. 1: The Aquarium

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 ,

I have 3 family outings to share with you -
all of which took place in the last couple weeks.
We've been busy, trying to get the most out of
summer and our time together.
So a couple weeks ago, on a cool Tuesday night, we wanted to take Eisley somewhere fun. Our little threesome hit up the Downtown Aquarium in Denver. It was the perfect time to go, not busy at all - I think we passed maybe two other groups while there. Although I do hope that was an anomaly because I would hate for Denver to lose this attraction.
It's a fantastic place to take a toddler.
Eisley was in heaven.
We couldn't get her to look away from the fish
long enough to get a picture of her smiling.
The exhibits they have are very cool,
if you haven't been lately you really should go soon.
Some of the fish were HUGE.
Like this guy, sitting next to the shark...
I adored the seahorses.
I could have stood and watched
these graceful little creatures all day.
But this black & white fish was my favorite. I had to take a picture & share. When I see marvels like this in nature I can't help but roll my eyes at evolution theories & the whole "big bang" idea. This momma believes in creationism, all done at the hands of a magnificent God. Big bang? How can anyone believe that? Look at this fish! This guy was designed, just like you & me...
Eisley was just as mesmerized by
the aquatic creations that God gave us.
Like these guys:
And here I am about to throw Eisley to the stingrays...
This was our favorite part, at the end of our tour we walked into a room with a shallow pool swarming with stingrays! They let you pet them as they swim by. They are just too cool.
One of the greatest joys I take in being a mother is seeing my daughter discover & explore some of the delights of this world.
We had a grand old time.

Next up... Family Outing No. 2: The Brewery

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  1. Heather - I wanted to thank you for your kind, encouraging words you left on my blog today. Thank you.

    And I also wanted to add that the aquarium is always a hit with our family too! We usually visit Emerald Isle, NC every summer and visit the NC Aquarium. Our kids, and myself, just love it! And they have one of those sting ray pools also. So cool!

    May God bless you and your family!

  2. I LOVE the aquarium, as I love all things marine. When I volunteered there, I got to feed a HUGE stingray, and then when we were in Grand Cayman, I got to feed dozens of gigantic sting rays!!


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