It's official: I'm past the wretched first trimester. Here's a status report: Things are easier, just ask Justin. Last night whe...

2nd Trimester

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's official: I'm past the wretched first trimester. Here's a status report:

Things are easier, just ask Justin. Last night when we were at the store trying to figure out something for dinner and for the first time since getting pregnant, I wanted to eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Every aisle we walked down I could find something that sounded utterly delicious to me. Ooh, honey! Ooh, chicken! Ooh, Lucky Charms! Ooh, Fresca! Ooh, cheesey tacos! Ooh, V8!

Justin was relieved, because for the last two months our evening conversation has gone something like this:
Heather: I'm starving.
Justin: What would you like for dinner?
Heather: Nothing.
Justin: But you said you're hungry.
Heather: I am! Just nothing sounds good.
Justin: Would you like Chicken Teriyaki tonight? (one of my classic faves)
Heather: Yuck! I think I'm going to throw up...

This probably explains why I still haven't gained any weight. Haven't checked to see if I'm still at a negative from the start of pregnancy, but I was last week at my doctor's appointment. I'm sure I'll make up for that in the next 27 weeks of pregnancy though!

One way pregnancy has changed me significantly: my gag reflex. It's hella strong! Cleaning, broccoli, breath, pet smells (specifically the dog's blanket, eeegugh!), brushing my teeth, swallowing pills. Everytime something slightly nasty appears in my eyesight - ::GAG:: This may sound like a silly complaint but I had always prided myself on having a super strong stomach. Luckily, I'm still good with needles and blood- cause there's a lot of that stuff going on every few weeks for a pregnant woman. The first haircut baby I had yesterday who's mom probably never bathes him because he smelled like rotten milk... yeah. Not a pleasant moment for my stomach. I'll admit it, I wasn't focused on giving him a great haircut because I was trying harder not to throw up on him. The mom should be thankful.

Like I said, poor Justin is now reaping the benefits of me being in the second trimester, too. Last weekend I had the energy to help clean the house (which, btw, maybe it was my nesting instinct but I insisted on deep cleaning the house. I spent all Saturday on my hands and knees scrubbing the baseboards with an old toothbrush and Justin cleaned the carpets) AND go out browsing shops and running errands on Sunday. It's really nice having my energy back. It was hard on both of us, those days spent with Justin cooking and cleaning and me watching helplessly from the recliner, with barely enough energy to drag my pregnant butt to the bathroom every 30 minutes...

BECAUSE now that I'm pregnant my BELLY is bigger, my BOOBS are bigger, but my BLADDER sure as heck isn't!

Despite it all, every day when I see those little ultrasound pictures on the fridge (is it too soon for a brag book???) I'm so glad and proud of what my body is doing right now. Gag reflex or not.

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