I had my 12 week check up today. Everything is GREAT. I'm having a good pregnancy so far. First I had the ultrasound, the baby was extre...

12 Week Ultrasound Pics!

Monday, February 04, 2008 ,

I had my 12 week check up today. Everything is GREAT. I'm having a good pregnancy so far.
First I had the ultrasound, the baby was extremely lively! I was shocked at how much it was moving around and jumping. It was like one of those Mexican jumping beans. It's arms and legs were moving independently as well. We got to see it for extra long because the nurse had a hard time getting the right measurements (stubborn baby!) We could also see it's little heartbeat (159 BPM - perfect!), it's spine, it's ribs, it's NOSE!, mouth, fingers. What a little cutie already. Everything looked great, they determined by measuring it's fluid behind the brain that it has a very low chance of having a birth defect. She even said my cervix "looked beautiful". HA! Never been told THAT one before...

Second thing was to do a glucose test. I was nervous about this one because of my family history of diabetes. They'll do it again around 30 weeks but tested me early because I'm at higher risk. They had me drink a sickeningly sweet orange soda like drink. At the end of my appointment they tested my blood sugar levels to see how my body handled the massive sugar load. My level was 112, which is good! They want a level below 135. Phew!

I also met one of the two doctors today - I'm really happy with the practice so far. The doctor was everything I like in a doctor, took my concerns seriously (not that I have many), spent time talking with us- didn't rush, and was really enthusiastic and easy going about everything. He's also very down to earth and relaxed. When talking about breastfeeding he said, "Some books will tell you to breastfeed to a year but it's not necessary to do it that long and I think it's cruel and unusual punishment once they get teeth." In fact, this is one of the reasons I accepted this referral from a co-worker, she told me these doctors put the comfort and well-being of the mom above all things.

Okay I've rambled on enough, here's my baby pictures! This baby has come a long way since those fuzzy images 5 weeks ago

It looks like an actual human now... kinda:

This picture shows the baby's facial profile really well! Yes, that's it's nose, mouth, eyes... and... is that a baseball hat???
Here, it's little arm is up in front of it's face, cute! I only wish I could show you all how it jumped :)

After our appointment we went to register at Babies R Us. A little early, yes, but we're excited and had the day off together. We picked up this adorable teether, it vibrates when pressure is applied to the corn:

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