Friday, March 2, 2012


The only thing better than having a little girl... having two little girls.

I love to watch these two interact, like holding hands at IKEA the other day.

IKEA has free breakfast on Mondays and kids eat free on Tuesdays. Since those days just happen to be our weekends, we end up there a lot to take advantage.

When people hear that we have two little girls, they often say, "I bet you want a boy next, right?"

Nope. We'd be happy to have six girls. It could happen, my grandmother was one of six girls. {Okay, but we're probably not having six kids...}

They love their daddy, too. And Swedish meatballs.

After IKEA we took a trip to Home Depot. We rent, but our landlords are so awesome that when we asked if we might be able to buy a storm door to enjoy this summer they told us to go pick one out, and if Justin installs it, they'll pay for it.

Eisley hams it up for photos these days. I can't be mad at her, I did the same thing when I was little.

"Where are the violets?"

Basically, there was no point to this post other than to share some photos from a very ordinary day and to tell you how much I love having little girls.

I might just want another...


  1. Violet has some sweet kicks! What is a storm door? Why do people assume parents of girls, and especially fathers, would naturally want a boy? These are the mysteries of life. Do you want my girls? They wake up at 5 am, but they make their own breakfast.

  2. Aww! Sweet post. What's wrong with six girls or children? Why don't you want six children? I see nothing wrong with that. ;)

  3. @Bea--those cute shoes?! Target with her birthday money. Love them. I always just roll my eyes at those people who act like boys are the truly desirable babies. We'd rather not have boys, actually! A storm door is like a screen door, but re-enforced with glass, we want more light and some fresh air for summertime. And no, I would rather make my girls breakfast than have them getting up at 5am! That's crazy! Viv slept in til 11am today!

    @Jan--we have no idea where we will stop, not yet ;-) You're a super-mom, though. I'm not sure I could manage six as well as you do! Remember, I can barely tell my left hand from my right hand.


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