The Welcome: Each little guest got a woodland creature mask.  The Setup: The Food: Two tier chocolate & vanilla cake with m...

Little Red's 1st Birthday!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 , , , ,

The Welcome:

Each little guest got a woodland creature mask. 

The Setup:

The Food:

Two tier chocolate & vanilla cake with marshmallow fondant, homemade buttercream, and coconut moss.

Nuts, of course!
IKEA lanterns turned into hanging toadstool terrariums. 

Caramel apples with chocolate squirrels :)

PB&Js just for good measure...

Toadstool sugar cookies, made by the lovely & oh-so-talented Kellee

Truffle fries! Made with real truffle oil, so yummy. 

The Favors:

Each small guest got a bag full of candy and handmade crayon roll with Little Red fabric.

Each adult guest received a chocolate bar :)

Violet's Room The Photo Booth:
My dad painted the backdrop in a week, because he's awesome like that. 

Someone's skirt wouldn't stay up throughout the whole party...  she was like the 1st birthday party version of the awkward uncle...

Photo props, Little Red style!

Eisley's Room The Craft Room:

Kids got to decorate their own little birdhouses. 

The Birthday Girl:

All ready to party!

Is anyone coming???
The Guests Arrive:

Birthday Girl with aunties.

Two of Jan's adorable woodland creatures. 

Me & my birthday girl!

Jan, who took many of these amazing photos & Kellee, who made the amazing toadsool cookies.

Jan's little Anna, isn't she precious?

Priscilla & Elizabeth. 

Testing out the photo booth. 

Cameron--such a doll, this one!

My sister, Vesuvius, & I. 

My sister, me, and mom. 

Eisley with her cousins, Ayla & Indy. 

Mom & Dad. 

Vesuvius with her Little Bird. 
Cake Time:

And finally, The Presents:

This was one of my favorite parties to host, ever. 
A Happy Birthday to my Violet, my Little Red. 

A year ago, Little Red, God gave us you.

Happy Birthday Violet!


Special thanks to Kellee for trading me beautiful cookies for Pyrex :)
And also Jan who took many of these amazing photos, I'm totally jealous of your photog skills.
My dad for painting the amazing photo booth backdrop in a week, it was perfect!!
My sister, Bea, who made me teary just now with this beautiful blog post of her own. 
And to everyone who came to celebrate with us! Violet is so blessed to have such amazing family & friends.

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  1. What A beautiful party! And a Beautiful Post! I hope you can save this for her as she will appreciate it as she gets older.
    Happy Birthday Little Red! Papa Loves You.

  2. Thanks, Dad :)

    I save and backup my blog regularly. I hope for this to be a sort of time capsule for them to look back at over the years.

    My girls adore their Papa! Thanks for being such a good one <3

  3. I am visiting from your sister's blog -- what an OUTSTANDING party. When my kids were really little (up until last year, I guess, when my youngest turned ten!), I loved a real theme for birthday parties and reveled in all the preparing. That cake was incredible -- I might just copy it one day for someone (I bake professionally). Anyway, I am happy to visit and will certainly be back. Happy Birthday to your little one!

  4. Elizabeth, wow, thank you for your sweet comment! It's definitely a compliment when a real professional baker likes my cake :) I'm flattered.

    And thanks for visiting from my sister's blog--she's amazing, that sister of mine, and has some great followers.

  5. Awesome as always! I aspire to one day host or even attend a party that is half as cool as this one. :)

  6. Happy birthday, Little Red! We had so much fun celebrating with you. My children are still talking about it. They had so much fun and are still enjoying their wonderful party favors. Fabulous party, Heather! Thanks again for having us all over. :)

  7. Who gets a first birthday party, or for that matter ANY birthday party, like THIS one?!?! Just WOW, Heather--you really outdid yourself! Everything was fabulous, and I'm so glad Violet will have these pictures to look back on someday to see how her Mommy went ALL OUT for her! Thanks for having us--we enjoyed it SO MUCH, and of course we ADORE our Little Red! You've really made quite a reputation for yourself in the party department!



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