When Justin's co-worker informed him of a new retro exhibit at the Lakewood Heritage Center , we knew we had to go: me being a Pyrex col...

A Step Back In Time--Pyrex, Piggies, & Pork Barbacoa

Monday, March 19, 2012 , ,

When Justin's co-worker informed him of a new retro exhibit at the Lakewood Heritage Center, we knew we had to go: me being a Pyrex collector & all.
Cocktails & Casseroles: Entertaining in the 20th Century runs into September. So if you can find a time to go, you should! It's free {donations accepted}, and although a small exhibit, it's an interesting one.
I'm lucky to have a man & two little girls who love me for put up with my Pyrex/vintage addiction. They were happy to come along, and it made for a great free outing.
For someone like me, this exhibit was a dream. They even had collectible Avon bottles on display. Like the kind I sell in my Etsy shop.
I was hoping to see some Pyrex on display. There was a little, can you spot it?
Two pink Gooseberry bowls sat in the 1950s kitchen. Luckily, I own both of these bowls, so the jealousy was kept to a minimum.
Sometimes Pyrex was sold with these vintage mixers...
The 1960s exhibit {makes me depressed I had to postpone my Mad Men party...}
More Pyrex! These bowls came with this Hamilton Beach mixer. And, yes, I own them both as well.
My Grandpa Erickson grew up in Lakewood, and so this was a neat step back in time which felt familiar and hit close to home. I have looked through his Lakewood High year books, and I swear I've seen him in a photo just like the one on this wall, below:
I think it's such a great thing to be able to look back at history, reminds me that my T-mobile smartphone isn't so bad, compared to this switch board:
Ghost Eisley runs past the 1920s Model T. Our 2004 Volvo waiting in the parking lot, with a/c and a DVD player to keep us company on the way home. Just keeping things in perspective!
I especially enjoyed this little display, regarding the Belmar estate. I had no idea Belmar was named for an actual family of Lakewood...
And then there was the gift shop... this is honestly one of my favorite gift shops in Denver. If you need a good retro/fun gift any time soon, check this shop out.
If you should happen to need a retro gift idea for a certain birthday girl in June...{hint, hint} she might just enjoy this pink vintage-style Crosley princess phone... ahem, ahem...
But seriously, this was my sort of gift shop... complete with crocheted cupcakes to boot.
Yes, sir, if you're in the Lakewood area any time soon, you should definitely stop by for a look at their cute retro exhibit. It seems Lakewood was once the well-to-do suburb of Denver...
I never realized they had more to look at outside, it's very similar to the Littleton History Museum {which is also free & awesome.}
Sigh... I won't tell you what Viv found in the grass to snack on... but I will tell you, at this point I could probably write a book titled, "Things Violet Has Put In Her Mouth."
Apparently, historic old buildings from Lakewood's history, like Ethel's Salon, have been moved here, to the Heritage Center, instead of just being allowed to be torn down for updates. I respect that. How cool.
Not sure what this little diner was, but it's cute, isn't it? They even have a summer concert & festival schedule. I think we're going to have to keep a closer eye on the happenings here in Lakewood. It'd probably do my grandpa proud.
An old school house.
I wanted to move in to this one...
Sweet little farm house.
And plenty of farm equipment to marvel at. What on earth do you think this machine did???
It was a great place to take the girls, and we'll definitely be back to visit. I love resources like this, considering that we're probably going to home school. I think learning at places like this is priceless for children.
And then...

since I was in retro-mood Justin treated me to a few thrift store stops. I didn't find anything exciting. But we did head to Cafe Rio before heading home.
We love Cafe Rio. Where kids eat free quesadillas.
Their portions are huge! But so fresh & tasty. Sadly, for once, Viv was not in the mood for food. I think it was a little overwhelming. First the Lakewood Heritage Center, and now this!?
If you haven't been to Cafe Rio, I highly recommend their pork barbacoa salad. Oh. My. Stars. It's delicious. And so fresh, see:

Lakewood Heritage Center: visit it!!
Cafe Rio: pork barbacoa salad!!

The end. 

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  1. That looks so fun! I love the Pyrex...I need to get myself a pink one...

  2. Wow! I'm definitely going now. How cool. I love seeing history like this. That salad looks pretty amazing to.

  3. I remember when mom took us to the Heritage Center. Some lady in a bonnet was like, " We used to churn butter for hours every day, Goodwife. Hours!" Then we ate pears. Man, I want a pear right now. This looks like a fun day, but you didn't have any pears. Just sayin'.

  4. Cool! Your Great Great Grandfather also built some homes in Lakewood. Not sure where all of them are, but the old family homes on Yarrow Street are gone.
    My mom had a mixer like that one pictured. Glad you had fun. Great Photos!

  5. How/When did you discover your love for vintage Pyrex? In other words, did your husband know this about you before you got married or did this develop later? :)

  6. @Colleen--you need to figure out what kind of Pyrex you like so I can keep an eye out while I'm out thrifting!

    @Jan--we should go to Cafe Rio sometime, there's one near me. It's so yummy. Plus, kids eat free quesadillas!

    @Bea--that was the Littleton History Museum. I remember feeling REALLY sad for the old guy (who I now know was an actor) when the butter churning lady turned him down for a date to the "country fair"...lol.

    @Dad--you should go!

    @Lauren--we've been together since 2002! My Pyrex addiction only began last May. And it's a good thing, too, because he probably wouldn't have bothered with me if it had been this way from the beginning :-/

    Thanks for the comments, ya'll!


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