There's nothing more fun than a free factory tour.  We've been meaning to visit Hammond's for a while now, so when we found ours...


Thursday, March 29, 2012 , ,

There's nothing more fun than a free factory tour. 
We've been meaning to visit Hammond's for a while now,
so when we found ourselves with nothing planned last Monday,
we decided to head up there to visit. 
Hammond's Candy Factory
Hammond's has been around for a while, I think most Denver natives are aware of it, but this was the first time for all of us.
My first impression of the Hammond's Candy Factory was a good one. It's got nostalgia, it's got charm.
Paper Hats
It's got free paper hats.
Mommy & Violet
And on Monday, it had our family of four to visit. Joy!
{Note to self: next time you go on a factory tour, avoid being stuck somewhere come naptime...}
Violet & Daddy
My advice for those of you thinking of visiting would be this: plan ahead. When we read on their website that tours are given every 20 minutes, we went assuming we wouldn't have to wait long...
Keeping Viv Happy
As it turns out, this place is busier than you'd think. We did have to wait. Long.
Luckily there was some 75 cent taffy to buy to bribe keep the girls happy with.
Eisley's Taffy
When the tour finally started, we were all shuffled into a room and shown a 5-minute video. Violet most certainly ruined the video for our tour group... but I don't feel that bad, because the video is basically a 5-minute commercial. Also, it's pretty dated. {Hammond's, I love you, but you need to update your video.}
Watching Candymaking
Finally we were shuffled onto "Candy Cane Lane." Basically a long hallway with several windows where you can watch candy making commencing.
There are TVs that give a more up-close view of what's going on, as well as a tour guide narrating what's taking place and giving information on the Hammond's history {the typical factory tour stuff.}
Making Chocolate at Hammond's
Here's what I really think of the Hammond's Factory tour: it's twenty minutes, 5 minutes of which is a lame video, and honestly nothing you haven't seen before on an episode of Unwrapped. While we enjoyed it, it's not something I'd pay money for. So I'm glad it was free!

And honestly, seeing as Violet totally lost it during the last 5 minutes of the "tour," I was actually pretty relieved it was short. So this is probably a good outing for those of you with little ones. 
Justin & His Girls @ Hammond's
Honestly? For me the best part of it was their candy shop. You are free to walk through the shop before and after the tour. You can also just visit the shop anytime, and skip the tour altogether.
Hammond's Chocolate Bars
Oh yeah! I bought two of these chocolate bars... I forgot to try them...
I have always known about Hammond's hard candy treats, I wasn't aware they did chocolates, too.
Yes, let's do get a closer look at these sweets, shall we? Yum...
Oh, and their packaging alone is just darling! Well done on that note, Hammonds! Well done...

A certain Easter Bunny might just have picked up a few of these candy ribbons for two pies baskets...
Hammond's Tour Info

So there you have it.
It's a fun enough tour, for being free. 
We've also enjoyed the Celestial Seasonings tour, but that was before having kids. 
We'll have to do it again soon.

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  1. Love the ribbon candy in the boxes! Ribbon candy is a family favorite of ours. The day we went we were the only ones there and it was awesome.
    Looks like you had a nice day out!

    1. It's hard to believe there would be only one family there! It was packed when we went :)

  2. Love your candy porn. The girls are so darling.

  3. It was so bright and pretty in the shop - I felt like I couldn't capture the colors on my camera!


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