Margaritas and lawn mowing, they came with May. May meant baby shower time for my pastor's daughter, and here is the cake I was commis...

What May Looked Like Around Here

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Margaritas and lawn mowing, they came with May.
May 2014
May meant baby shower time for my pastor's daughter, and here is the cake I was commissioned to make. {I did not host this party, but my friend Jessica did, and you can see more baby shower photos here at my Flickr account. It was so very cute.}

Katy's Baby Shower
May meant it was time to do something with the amazing antique copper boiler the previous homeowner left behind.
May 2014
In May you can start buying flowers to plant.
May 2014
May--specifically Mother's Day--means Colorado's last frost. It snowed the day after Mother's Day this year. Figures.
May 2014
May meant this guy turned 10 months old. Can you believe it? Neither can I.
May 2014
May is the perfect month for big sisters to teach their little sisters how to ride a tricycle.
May 2014
So there was a lot of bicycle bell ringing on our back porch. And side ponytails, lots of those these days too.
May 2014
Lots of grilling opportunities, as well as chances to revisit your favorite summer recipes, May brings with it.
May 2014May 2014
I can't remember the last family meal we had inside at our dining room table. The back porch is too lovely to stay away from. {I'm writing this post up there now, in fact.}
May 2014

May 2014

May allowed for warm, chicken ranging weather. They like to hunt bugs in the bushes, the girls bring them worms and moths that they catch.
May 2014
Our first May in our new home meant watching the flowers that we didn't know were there bloom.
May 2014
May also happened to be the month we put the finishing touches on our chicken coop. Or rather, Justin finished the chicken coop. Next post, I'll show you more. It turned out sort of cute.
May 2014

Happy June! I turn 30 this month, on the first day of summer.


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  1. Your birthday is June 21st? So is Alex's! Mine is the 7th and Maddie's is the 10th. We are all in good company :-)

    We love eating outside too. Maddie & I do it all Summer long while the boys sit inside and watch baseball. They are missing out I tell you!

    Have an awesome day, Heather. Can't wait to see the chicken coop!



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