Justin turned 30 only fifteen short days ago. We celebrated, if you will remember , but I also wanted to do a special "30 things&quo...

30 Things About Justin

Thursday, April 03, 2014 , ,

Justin turned 30 only fifteen short days ago. We celebrated, if you will remember, but I also wanted to do a special "30 things" post for each of us this year, as we turn the big THREE-O. So here is:

30 Things You Might Not Know About Justin

  1. Justin is the youngest of four siblings. He has a brother and two sisters who dressed him up in dresses when he was little. In fact, I'd say my sister-in-laws probably helped shape the girls' father that he is today. 
  2. Justin and I go way back. In middle school years, we attended camp together at Lutheran Valley Retreat one year. Our freshman year of high school, Justin would flirt with me in geography class. He sat behind me. I secretly liked his attention but thought he was a nerd {he was} and he thought I was a diva {I was}.
  3. Justin has a knack for dumpster diving. Without looking for things--he's just taking out the trash or driving by--he just finds treasures, or rather, they find him. To date, he's dumpster dived our gas grill {which was in shockingly good condition to be left by a dumpster}, our vintage Radio Flyer wagon for the kids, a wine chiller appliance, speakers he sold on Craigslist for $100, a perfectly good air conditioner, my vintage door/coat rack, and just this week he found this.  
  4. Justin was the kid who took things apart and put them back together. If your kid does this, it might drive you crazy, but just know they'll grow up to fix everything for you. Our flat screen TV is a freebie from one of his clients. The TV arrived dead, and Justin troubleshooted and found the parts to get it working. He's done this to 3 TVs from his clients now.
  5. Justin broke his nose when he was little. The bump in his nose isn't natural, but I think it suits him. 
  6. His favorite TV shows are Walking Dead and Naruto.
  7. Justin is antsy when he doesn't have a project to work on. His newest project: the moped he got off Craigslist for free that needs repairing. 
  8. During our junior year of high school, Justin played Tony {the male lead} in West Side Story. He also enjoyed working on the "techie" side of the theatre productions. 
  9. Justin got a music scholarship for his freshman year at Pacific Lutheran University. 
  10. Justin is an AUDIOPHILE. He gets all snobby if he has to listen to something on sub-par speakers. It's the industry he works in, I blame, for creating a monster who can't listen to cheap speakers. His ear is fine-tuned to sound quality, I don't get it. As a result, he knows all these terms to describe sound quality and experiences, like "bassy" and "punchy" and "listening fatigue". To me: sound is sound. To Justin: the art of sound puts food on our table...so he takes it all seriously. Whatever. ;-)
  11.  Most expensive speaker cables Justin has ever sold? $6k. {FOR CABLES, PEOPLE!} Sound quality snobs keep a roof over our head, is what.
  12. Justin talks in his sleep. He gets really mad too, if you try and figure out what he's talking about. He called me the "affordable boss" once in his dreams. Several times he said to me, "You're the affordable boss!"...but when I tried to question him as to why he was calling me that, he got really angry and shouted, "Nevermind!" and rolled over. {He almost never shouts when he's awake.} 
  13. He also has been known to fall asleep with his eyes open. That is SUPER creepy. A bit of a let down when you learn this while making funny faces to get him to crack up...and yet you get no reaction, leaving you wondering if you've lost your ability to make your husband laugh or if he's just suddenly really good at keeping a straight face. Then suddenly, you're terrified that he's DEAD. Turns out he was just asleep. With his eyes open. Super. Creepy. 
  14. The first official date Justin took me on was to his sister's wedding. I was 15. {Below is NOT a photo of that, that's just a recent Instagram post.}
  15. Justin went to mechanic school, and thus knows lots about how to fix cars. He decided, during his last weeks at Denver Auto and Diesel College, that he didn't want to be a mechanic for a living, that he just liked fixing cars as a hobby. He didn't want to get burnt out on his hobby. Can I just say, I was so relieved that my husband would no longer be coming home smelling like motor oil and staining up the furniture with his dirty grease monkey clothes? On the other hand, it's been awesome that he can fix so many of our car issues by himself. 
  16. Justin has his own clientele with his job, and it's always growing. He currently has five famous people {some local, some international} as his clients. That's kind of cool.
  17. Justin's first car? A 1969 red Ford Mustang. We went on our first dates in that beauty. I miss it. 
  18. His biggest regret is selling his Mustang {it became so expensive to maintain}. His biggest wish is to one day own a vintage Mustang again. 
  19. Justin loves grilling. In this house, I'm not allowed to do it. He's a grill hog.
  20. Justin was born in Omaha. But he is not a football or Huskers fan as his amusing job profile implies. Justin doesn't watch football unless I turn on a Broncos game. He does, however, resemble Matt Hasselbeck, according to all his co-workers. 
  21. Justin is allergic to some ingredients in some beers...and we have yet to find rhyme or reason to it. Just every so often he tries a new beer and he starts sneezing like crazy and turns all red.
  22. Old ladies LOVE Justin. I tease him about it, but it's true. 
  23. True story: Justin once bought an essay off a website to turn in to his English teacher. He got a B-. Tsk, tsk, tsk, Mr. Sander.
  24. For the record: Justin does NOT find it funny when we're at a gas station and he's checking something under the hood...and I honk the horn to scare him. He doesn't find it funny AT ALL. {Even if the family in the car next to yours is laughing.} Not funny. Never do it again. I'm sorry honey. {May I remind you, you knew I was mischievous when you married me?}
  25. To be fair, Justin spooks really easily. He's very easily spooked in movies, and we can be watching a kids movie, he'll jump if something surprises him. Watching a scary movie is worse, I'll be totally terrified but won't move, he's not scared but his body just jerks at surprises anyway, and I think this is maybe because...
  26. Justin has seriously fast reaction speed. We've avoided more than a couple car accidents we should have been in all because of his quick response time.
  27. He's also pretty good at maneuvering cars, trucks, and trailers. He started driving when he was about 13, on his parents farm truck. 
  28. Justin is patient to a fault. No other man could ever put up with me like he does, that's why God gave me Justin. He gets angry too, just like the rest of us. Sometimes I see people make the mistake of thinking he doesn't get angry. Don't ever assume that about anyone, no matter how patient they seem. He has a bit of a passive aggressive side that comes out from time to time, but he's not the yelling & shouting type, for which I am thankful. {I have enough temper for both of us.}
  29. His favorite cocktail is a gin & tonic, but he doesn't drink often. 
  30. Justin is 30, he has spent ten birthdays married to me. It's no hackneyed thing, I can quite genuinely say: he is truly my best friend. He is an excellent and devoted father, a beloved husband, and a blessing to his entire family. Okay, maybe you already knew this one. 

Happy 30th Justin! {Again.}


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  1. I'm so glad you two found one another--you complement each other so well! Happy birthday, dear son-in-law! We are so blessed to have you in our family!
    ~Mom (and mom-in-law)


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