So cliché , I know, but I'm still going to post photos of my girls coloring their Easter eggs today. I've discovered the best me...

Easter Eggs

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So cliché , I know, but I'm still going to post photos of my girls coloring their Easter eggs today.
I've discovered the best method for hard boiling eggs. You know how sometimes the yolk can look greenish on the outside, or they turn out to be really hard to peel? The method I've used lately works like a charm...

You just place the eggs, one layer, in a pot and cover with water. The water should cover the eggs by at least one inch. Then bring to a boil uncovered, and as soon as it starts boiling remove the pot from heat, cover and let sit for 17 minutes then immediately transfer to a bowl of ice water. They're perfect!
I'm happy to report that our egg coloring went off without a hitch today. {Except I just realized Eisley is not wearing her her credit she had asked me to clean them for her before we started this project, but I forgot!}
No tantrums, no fighting, no whining, no spills. 
They loved it. Mission accomplished.
See Justin? This is why I keep a million Pyrex mugs around. They're the perfect size for egg dying.
Eisley got the hang of it right away, she loved leaving the eggs in for a long time to make them more vibrant. Little Red, on the other hand...
This is what two-year-olds look like when they are first learning to "smile" for the camera. 
We just kind of watched Violet do her thing, she was in a zone.
When I looked down, I saw Violet had placed her eggs back in a cross pattern. No joke, she really did this without prompting. 
Eisley really "got" the egg coloring thing this year. I love these childhood traditions, while I hate seeing my girls get older, it's a sweet reward to get to do things like this with them. 
I love these little hands. 
Each of the girls did 11 eggs, this was my one egg. Favorite color. 
Toward the end of our project, Violet was double-dipping her eggs. The result was that she was starting to look like Shrek. Her eggs were...interesting. 
But take a look at Eisley's eggs! Gorgeous. She did all of these by herself. 
I let them have the Paas stickers to decorate their eggs only so they wouldn't cry when I took the dyes away. We have to compromise, you know? 
Fun times! I love my girls in their little aprons, and doing projects with them. 

Have a blessed Easter!


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