I got an email earlier this week from the Texas friends about doing a  "10 in 10"  post for Thursday this week.  I'v...

10 in 10

Friday, March 01, 2013 , , ,

I got an email earlier this week from the Texas friends about doing a 
"10 in 10" 
post for Thursday this week. 
I've never done one before, so why not? 

Basically you take 10 photos during 10 hours and post them. 

This little assignment made me realize two things:
1. We are painfully boring people. 
2. We are disorganized, unscheduled folk. I could do a 10 in 10 post every day and they'd all look completely different. No schedules for us!
Here is my 10 in 10:

9:30 - we just dropped daddy off at work
and now we're off to run several errands.
This is early for us. We look trashy. 
10:30 - one errand included a trip to Michaels for thank you cards & candles.
When I spied these adorable fox & owl masks, however, we had to take them home. 

11:30 - The girls are singing along to the radio.
Still out on errands. 

12:30 - pick up daddy from work so he can take us home.
We are a one-car family. Living less than 10 minutes from Justin's work,

 we can  manage just fine. 
1:30 - while the girls play and eat lunch I start meal planning.
I've been meal planning for a while now, as it helps us avoid 

eating out and overspending.
Though some weeks I do better than others.
But right now our cupboards are painfully bare so I make a good long list. 

2:30 - with Violet down for a nap, I homeschool Eisley.
She learned about wind, tornadoes, roosters, 

we read poems and practiced matching.
Our new Bible verse for the week: 

God loves a cheerful giver. - from 2 Corinthians 9:7
{I love that Sonlight curriculum organizes all the 

verses and songs to learn each week!}
4:30 - with both the girls napping/having quiet time, 
I brew myself some Chamomile tea.
This stuff has become my crack lately. 

I'm sort of addicted to it's calming powers. 
5:30 - worked on publishing all those comments
I've put off reviewing for my Lark & Lola blog.
The Hobby Lobby post gets a lot of drama
and sadly I have to filter the comments!
Crazy internets. 
7:30 - totally lame dinner!
I had sushi. The girls had PB&Js, almonds, and pears.
{Hence the meal planning!}
Eh, they got fed, that's the important part...
10:30 to 12:00 - we played a game of Words With Friends.
I know, I recently made fun of this game on Facebook.
But then I got the game from Amazon to review,
and it's actually very well designed.

I won.


So there's my 10 in 10. 
Maybe I'll do it again in the future, it sure makes for an easy post!

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  1. Cute! It looks like a productive day to me. :)

  2. Fun day! I can't believe your girls will wait so late to eat. Mine are screaming for food by 5:30 p.m. Love those masks.

  3. 1) Not boring at all. I loved your day.
    2) "We look trashy." Best. Line. Ever.


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