Turns out two sandy/ash blondes   can have a red head. Viv with her red-headed Auntie Bea. I remember the first thing the nurse said ...

Little Red

Thursday, August 25, 2011 , ,

Turns out two sandy/ash blondes
 can have a red head.
Viv with her red-headed Auntie Bea.

I remember the first thing the nurse said when Violet & I had been separated a mere minute or so, "Look at that red hair!"

I brushed it off. Me? Beget a redhead? Nah! "Yeah right, lady, that's just the blood..." is what I thought as I lay there, still undergoing my operation.

And for the first few months it was just the slightest peach fuzz. Strawberry blonde at best, I thought. It will fall out and start coming in the same straw color that her sister, daddy, and mommy all had as infants.

Well, as of 3 days ago my little Viv is a whopping 6 month old, weighing in at 16 lbs, with the chunkiest thighs that I just want to eat, and by golly...

the child has red hair.

Who knew right?

Turns out pretty much anyone can bear a red head if the genes line up the right way. Like the cherries on the slot machine, my daughter's hair is red, and I'm not sure if we won the jackpot...

Because with the red hair, I'm now convinced, comes the same color temperament. Yep, this is no myth, people.

Proof of it lies in my second daughter's actions. Have I told you she's already broken a piece of glassware in a store? Yep. Eisley is 3 and hasn't even done that yet.

It happened in a Goodwill {surprise, surprise}, when I spotted a lovely vintage Pyrex turquoise {eee!} 401 mixing bowl on the shelf. Of course, I did what any other person suffering from Pyrexia would do and I made a mad dash to snatch it up and take it home to my festering pile of Pyrex that has infested our kitchen. Anyway, so I was heading quite quickly down the aisle, Eisley in the cart seat and Violet hanging over my right arm - and just as quickly as I was sprinting for the Pyrex, Little Red reached out with the precise motor skills of a speed stacker. She grabbed onto an ashtray and flung it toward the hard tile floor.

As if it wasn't bad enough that for the first time I was that mom {the one with the merchandise-breaking child}, the manager and an employee were standing right there in front of me. I hadn't noticed them in my Pyrex-induced hysteria, but I did now as they were staring back at me -- the woman who had just launched herself at a sixty-year-old bowl like a wolf on a rabbit while holding a baby who was destructively passionate about non-smoking. It was embarrassing.

Another incident at Goodwill: Violet shoplifted. It's true, we left the store and headed to the park with the girls, and upon arriving at the playground we pulled Violet out from her car seat, in her grasp was a plush baby toy with a price tag on it. We're not exactly sure how she executed her crime, but all we know is our 6-month-old redhead is now banned from the Goodwill in Parker.

Other offenses include pulling out chunks of Eisley's hair, smacking me in the face with her her pacifier clip, and breaking a jar in the bathroom. She's knocked picture frames off of walls, tried to eat the cat. Then there's the time she stole the steak we were about to have for dinner, right off Justin's plate:

Nom, nom, nom!
Vi jumps and bounds from our arms. Even though she's not even crawling yet {working hard on it, though} she somehow gets into things. Oh yes, I'm going to have to baby-proof big time for this one...

She can't stand to be ignored for more than ten minutes or she gets MAD, she turns red and the tears flow, she screams angrily:
No skin tone shows wrath like that of a Scandinavian. 

On the other hand, I don't want to label her "trouble" lest it become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If she grows up hearing she's "trouble" maybe she'll decide to fill the shoes to her best ability?

We're still not sure what shade of red she'll have exactly,
or if it will stick around forever.
But I have taken to calling her my "Little Red", 
and I don't think I'll stop anytime soon.
 She is my wily little red-haired girl. 
Goodness knows, I love her. Criminal record or not.

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  1. Awww so cute. She's adorable especially while trying to munch on that massive steak!

  2. It looks like you may have your hands full....

  3. Trashing thrift stores, shoplifting and terrorizing parents, sibling and cats--all at 6 months of age. Oh my!
    Nevertheless, I'm sure this little red-haired bandit will rehabilitate herself and go on to become a fine upstanding citizen once she has the ability to express herself in a more suitable manner :-)
    Seriously, this post had me laughing outloud!
    And that picture of her with the steak--priceless!
    I LOVE you, little Viv



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