Last night we found ourselves at Canvas & Cocktails to  celebrate my mom's birthday. I had to share this experience, it was such fu...

Canvas & Cocktails

Monday, August 15, 2011 , , , , ,

Last night we found ourselves at Canvas & Cocktails to 
celebrate my mom's birthday. I had to share this experience,
it was such fun. 
If you haven't been yet, schedule a 
girl's night out or date night pronto. It's such a fun idea. 
Easel, canvas, paint, and brushes supplied. 
Wine is $3 a glass and beers are $2 a glass. 
Makes for a good time, yes sir.
My father is a *real* artist. 
I don't think he'd like to sit there and take instructions 
from someone on how to paint orange tuplips.
Though patrons of all skill levels are welcome here
and there's nothing like handing a girl a drink and 
a paint brush for a couple hours and saying, "Have at it!"
We were instructed not to confuse our water cup for
brush washing with our wine cup. 
Stellar advice, if you ask me. 
{This was silly photo idea that 
actually turned into cute photo. We tend to ham it
up for cameras in my family.}
The walls are covered with fun paintings.
Tonight was "Orange Tulips".
Good art requires contemplation.
This place would only be half as awesome without the bar.
Nothing like wine to get the creative juices flowing.
It helps you get loosened up so you can be laid 
back and create.
What I love about being in an instructional class is that everyone's painting comes out differently, I feel like all three of our paintings reflected our personalities in their own unique way. 
Me & Bea's paintings, respectively:
Mom's painting:
Other patrons got totally creative and went wild with 
their own interesting ideas. We *loved* the white tulips.
Mom went into this experience quite nervous to paint publicly,
but by the end of the class she was quite smug about 
her creative abilities. 
It was perfect for her XXth birthday, to do something she'd
never done before in her life. A new experience. 
And then the class was over and everyone had a new
artwork to take home, just like that. 
Our new paintings,
all similar yet uniquely ours.
After class we may or may not have indulged in
some froyo at Pinkberry...
Happy Birthday, Mom! I had so much fun,
glad we did this together. Love you.

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  1. I'm sure you can't tell mine from a Lee Krasner. Try not to be intimidated.

  2. We talked with my Mom about going there, now we are going to HAVE to! I love how different they all turned out...yours is softer and lighter, Brittany's is like funky and retro, and your Mom's is practically a mirror image of the sample! It would be interesting for you guys to discuss this in therapy!

  3. I had the BEST TIME!!! Thank you so much, Heather and Brittany! What a GREAT idea!
    I never thought *I* would be able to relax and have *fun* with a blank canvas in front of me and paintbrush in hand--uber artistically challenged *me*--but it turned out to be therapeutic and creatively stimulating.
    On second thought, it's probably easier to do this when you have my reputation as the world's worst artist, because you know that nobody's *expecting* anything from you *anyway*!
    Anyway, what a FANTASTIC birthday gift! I LOVED it!



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