We're back safe and sound from New Mexico! Eisley was very good and enjoyed her first trip out of state. We all wanted to stay longer. W...

New Mexico Trip Slideshow!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 , , ,

We're back safe and sound from New Mexico! Eisley was very good and enjoyed her first trip out of state. We all wanted to stay longer. We visited Santa Fe, Chimayo, Taos, and Taos Pueblo. And Trader Joe's. Here's a slideshow, but you can also see my web album below!


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  1. I loved the slideshow. The cathedrals are so beautiful. I was curious how one manages nap time and vacation. Just something I think about...Eisley looks like she had a really good time. I bet your dad was in HEAVEN! Such wonderful art! Glad you shared the pics.

  2. MY children always nap on vacation. They also recite Tennyson, serve a proper tea, and execute a Queen's-Court-worthy curtsey.

  3. Great slide show (especially 2nd time with full screen!) Brings back memories of one of your mother's 4-year college breaks when we visited Sante Fe. Art museum, and so many art galleries but not enough time to visit all. So much culture and history. I was focusing on a photo of her buying jewelry at Palace of Governors, and she being into "composition" told me to capture a "native American" sitting beyond her, but he got up remove himself when he noticed. She explained that he would be "losing his soul" (but probably wanted money for his picture!) And I am not surprised that she took you to dinner at Santuario De Chimayo. One of her college profs had recommended it...had been a featured article in Forbes. However, we went in the evening and was not as colorful as your view; in fact was so dark and the wilderness was scary driving back in the dark--no buildings, no mountains. But like you, enjoyed the Margaritas and dinner. Oh yes, it is such a colorful area this time of year, and the southwestern culture make it a so enjoyable; I have relived it vicariously thru your slideshow.I applaud your talent--it is professional!(Love the font used for captions!) Seeing Eisley swimming with dad brought on smiles! Now to put in on removable media. Great work! Love, Gramma

  4. Brittany, your motherly skills are beyond me. I'd curstey, but I was not raised to do so. I can, however, hog tie a...well hog.

  5. Yes, Mom, I recall that moment with the native American, too. That was a very fun and memorable trip we took, and we stayed at the La Fonda hotel. We wandered into the hotel lobby and gift shop last week, and I saw the beautiful lobby restaurant where you and I ate breakfast--do you remember?


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