I have blogger's block. Have you noticed? Can't think of anything good to blog about these days. Well, actually, I think of a lot of...


Saturday, May 30, 2009 , , ,

I have blogger's block.

Have you noticed?

Can't think of anything good to blog about these days.

Well, actually, I think of a lot of things, just not many
good things.

Driving home in the storm we had today I was thinking - maybe I should just post a smörgåsbord. Here are things I've played with posting about lately. Little topics. My smörgåsbord.

  • A smörgåsbord is Swedish for "large heterogeneous mixture" {or buffet/mixture of foods}. And how appropriate considering I'm Swedish {well, of descent}. My Grandpa used to call me his "Svenska flicka" {Swedish girl}. His father was quite Swedish {hence the Erickson, which I'm told used to be spelled Ericsson.}

  • When chosing a bank, DO go with Key Bank. DO NOT go with US Bank. {Why? I love Key Bank. My business and our personal accounts are with Key Bank. They're great, and recently were rated very high for customer service. US Bank on the other hand, well thats a whole other post. But ask me sometime and I'll be happy to enlighten you on how those criminals swindled us out of hundreds of our wedding gift money. They're evil.}

  • My Favorite Songs of Spring 2009 is a hang up between Love Story by Taylor Swift {who is the cutest darn girl that ever happened, after Eisley of course} and Pirates from The Blue Sky Project.
    Pirates is a song based on this commercial - which I've loved loved loved ever since the first time I've seen it {so much I had to go hunting down the composer on AdTunes.com}:

They made a whole song out of it, WONDERFUL:

And I have to post the Love Story music video, too, because I am equally in love with it - it's chock full of regency era romanticism:

Click Link - embedding video is disabled

  • Peonies are in season. :::sigh::: Approximately two weeks out of the year I get to enjoy my favorite flowers in real life instead of just in pictures. They're so delightfully shabby pretty.
  • Eisley is walking. Sort of.

  • I actually wrote a blog post about guacamole the other day. I'm glad I decided not to post it. It was lame {lamer than my smörgåsbord}. Who blogs about guacamole?

  • I got a birthday gift in the mail already. From Anthro! A 15% discount card. Not that big of a deal but the adorable little envelope it came in was super cute. If you don't have an Anthro card, make sure to sign up for one, they're free and come with perks.

  • Speaking of my birthday, it happens to fall on Justin's first Father's Day this year.

  • I drove past a tornado last weekend. On my way down to a family dinner with my family I was taking the "scenic route" and it was really stormy. I saw what looked like a tornado but I wasn't sure. It was a couple miles away, some people were pulling over but I didn't. It went away soon after that. I didn't actually know it was a real tornado until Justin told me later that there was one down there. Weird.

  • At the said family dinner my parents recently confessed that they actually pulled the "replace the dead pet with one that looks just like it" stunt with my pet fish. I had always thought it was amazing that Cocoa lasted like 9 years. {Who does that with fish? My parents, apparently.}

    That's all. Did you enjoy my smörgåsbord?
Now hopefully my blogger's block will past soon or we'll be stuck with more of this...

Wait, one more thing. Do you get Showtime? If so, you should be tuning into Nurse Jackie. It's really good. So far.

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  1. I've been banking with USBank for many years now, and I like them.... :\
    They in fact saved my butt in a few rough times... sorry to hear they swindled you

  2. I don't doubt that many of their customers have had good experiences, but they DEFINITELY swindled us1 It was pretty much criminal but in the end there was nothing we could do about it...

    Companies like that, {in my honest opinion} don't deserve to be in business. I still cringe when I think of what they got away with...


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