Today Eisley and I went to see the grandparents, and Ferris. Ferris was diagnosed with cancer almost two months ago now. My parents have bee...

Goodbye Ferris

Saturday, May 23, 2009 ,

Today Eisley and I went to see the grandparents, and Ferris. Ferris was diagnosed with cancer almost two months ago now. My parents have been buying as much time as they could for Ferris, having to use the blender to turn meals into soup so he could eat. But unfortunately, the quality of life just wasn't there anymore.

Ferris was a Christmas present to me, from Justin, actually. That was in 2000. But really, Ferris was a gift to the whole family. He was our dog Ferris. We have many wonderful memories of him. One we get a kick out of is the time Ferris came with us all to drop me off at college in Washington. We took a third car for that dog! One morning in the hotel in Gig Harbor my mom and sister and I were in the lobby, probably waiting for breakfast or something.

Suddenly we hear an escalating noise:

badaDUMP! badaDUMP! badaDUMP! badaDUMP! badaDUMP! badaDUMP!

Everyone in the lobby looked around for the source of the growing noise - construction perhaps? And then suddenly, Ferris comes barreling around the corner and into the lobby, tongue flapping, feet pounding. Apparently dad had lost hold of him as they were exiting the room. You would have had to have been there to understand... the ruckus he made was unbelievable.
But that was only one of many good memories. Today he had a great time at the dog park, he perked up again and enjoyed life. Eisley got a kick out of watching him.

I think especially fondly of Ferris when I remember how much joy he brought to my aging Grandma Hartke when she lived with my parents. She completely spoiled him with treats, as she always made sure to have treats on hand.

And so today it was time to say goodbye to Ferris. My Christmas present. Dad's fishing companion. Mom's "darling". It was not easy to say goodbye to such a friend. The weary look in his eyes made it easier, though. He was not himself anymore.
Do pets go to heaven? This is an issue for so many people, there are 12.5 million Google results when you search "do pets go to heaven." I, for one, like to think that they do. We have a loving God. A God who loves all his creation.
""In Paradise there was complete harmony between man and animals; one day again that harmony will be restored and all creation will be made anew as Christ will be in all and all." - Martin Luther"

So I humor myself and think about today, around 1pm when my parents took him on his last car ride {to the vet} - that around 1pm {mountain time, of course} in Heaven some angels and saints standing near the pearly gates might have heard an awful ruckus....

badaDUMP! badaDUMP! badaDUMP! badaDUMP! badaDUMP! badaDUMP!

...turning and searching for the ruckus, only to see our Ferris {cancer free} barreling towards them.

And if that happened today, there, of course, was one person waiting for him, I'm sure. Someone who wasn't surprised at the ruckus, but instead was prepared. With treats. Ready to spoil our Ferris.

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  1. :( That made me cry. I am so sorry you have to say goodbye. I remember Ferris and I DO believe all dogs go to heaven. My prayers are with you guys.

  2. Sorry for your loss. your family is in my prayers. Pets become just as much a part of the family as a human being, and losing one can be very hard.


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