This is my first mobile post ever. I sit here in my car, in the Hobby Lobby parking lot waiting to go buy craft supplies for A Paris Street ...

On Motherhood

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This is my first mobile post ever. I sit here in my car, in the Hobby Lobby parking lot waiting to go buy craft supplies for A Paris Street Market. There is sure to be many typos and misspellings since I am on my Google phone's tiny keyboard.

I'm waiting for Eis to stpo napping, as I know if I got her up right now she'd be a fuss budget in the store. Sitting here I started thinking about how up until 8 months ago, my life revolved around just ME. I would have never have had to sit for an hour in the car to avoid a crying spell in a store. That's just one of those things about motherhood. I've been sitting here thinking about motherhood. How wonderful it is. How very very challenging it is (and I'm just on #1!).

Motherhood means a whole half of my purse is now the grave of a bag full of cheerios that spilled.

Motherhood means that I put a tiny shoe back on a tiny foot 10 times within the 5 minutes prior to leaving the house this morning.

Motherhood means that I dont't just put on makeup and do my hair in the morning, I put on make up and do my hair while singing to and cheering up a baby.

Motherhood meansthat I'm going crazy in little ways. Like yesterday when Justin caught me making "boo" faces at the cat somehow under the impression that I could make her giggle... only works on babies, I try and remember.

Motherhood means I feel guilty for everything I don't do.

Motherhood means I feel guilty for everything I do do.

Motherhood means your day will nearly never again be scheduled around your own needs, but someone elses.

Motherhood makes this cellphone not just for calling, texting, and looking up numbers - but also for distracting. A baby to keep her happy during the last few minutes of a shopping trip.

Motherhood means I was able to carry my baby, two bottles of champagne, and a box of wine out to my car the day before Easter.

Motherhood means you now have the ability to dart in superhuman speeds towards your child when they are about to injure themselves. Happened just this morning.

And motherhood means you'll sit in a parking lot, windows rolled down, enjoying a nice breeze in our 70 degree weather, typing a blog post to waste time while a baby naps in the back seat.

As I said, it's wonderful, challenging, exciting, and different. I've barely scratched the surface but still my life is changed forever.

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  1. Aww motherhood. One day I will join the ranks.

    Do you have G1? If you do.. you may already know about this, but they have a toddler lock application which is great to give to use when you give your phone to your baby... though she may still be a little young to use it. But she does seem really smart so its worth a try if you don't already have it.

  2. yes I actually have that app and I love it! I use it all the time wiht Eisley...

    Do you have a G1?

  3. Reasons why I don't have kids right now 1.) I can't be selfish anymore 2.) I can hardly keep myself in check let alone care for another human being. I would probably be the mom who leaves her kid in the car in 100 degree whether because she is so scattered thinking about everything else on her mind 3.)I like not having to spend 1000 dollars + per month on daycare. Horrible I know. I hope someday I get to that point where I will accept all of the above (and obviously slow my life down a little so I don't leave my kid in the car...)

  4. I featured your baby shower on Tip Junkie today. Thank you so much for the inspiration!


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