I've toyed with the idea of posting about my plants, and since it's Earth Day today, I thought why not? I've never been much of ...

Happy Earth Day

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 , ,

I've toyed with the idea of posting about my plants, and since it's Earth Day today, I thought why not?

I've never been much of a green thumb. Actually have always had more of a black thumb, I tend to kill my plants. But this year I'm trying to be more "green", and I'm planning on starting a garden in the backyard, right outside from my kitchen.

I want to grow edibles, so a few weeks ago Justin and I bought some seeds and planters at the Dollar Tree and I've been really working hard to keep some baby plants alive. I'm doing kitchen herbs and starter pods of vegetables.

Sweet Basil is coming in nice and thick! Since this picture was taken I've thinned the pot down a lot.
Parsley also came in very well too.
Rosemary has been pretty stubborn... with the first little sprout just showing up in the past few days.
This is lettuce. It came in WAY fast and WAY thick.
From the picture I have no idea what this is... either cucumber (the little sprouts of cucumber already smell like a real cucumber) or green peppers. Not sure.
And I've been doing really well with the hydrangea Justin bought be a couple months ago. This plant can't go outdoors because they don't do well in CO weather and it has to be watered a lot.
This little guy is a hydrangea Justin bought me last year that I pretty much killed, but I've been watering it anyway and look! It's coming back! It already has a few tiny pink flowers.
Sideways pic (sorry, lazy this morning) of the birds nest on our porch. The little finches have come back. Yay!
And I'm also proud of myself for not killing this Christmas poinsettia (yet). Did you know that it's a myth that poinsettias are poisonous? Yeah... I learned that last week when I realized Eisley had gotten a hold of a tiny (dried and dead) leaf that was on the floor during one of her crawling excursions. I flipped and decided to Google before calling poison control and was completely relieved to read on MayoClinic.com that poinsettias are actually harmless. To pets and children. Nice.

Happy Earth Day!

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  1. It's a cucumber plant that you have. We have strawberries. I am excited! I would grow more but our ground is terrible because we live over an old river bed. I guess I will just have to mooch of the 'rents. haha

  2. Pretty hydrangeas!!! I still have yet to do any good with plants... sigh... maybe one day


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