I've really been enjoying the holiday season this year, more than I'd anticipated. I think having a daughter is making it a little m...

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Saturday, December 06, 2008 , , , ,

I've really been enjoying the holiday season this year, more than I'd anticipated. I think having a daughter is making it a little more special.

Here's what's making me so happy:

Having friends over for dinner. Justin's employers gave him a "holiday ham" (I was annoyed that he didn't chose the turkey, hehe) so I tried a recipe from Martha's Holiday Magazine and we invited Peter and Angela to have dinner with us. It was a really nice evening. Even though I burnt the carrots.

Justin is taking me to the Nutcracker! We could only afford the $13 nosebleed tickets to a Sunday matinee, but I've been DYING to go for like 5 years. Just ask him, I beg him every Christmas to take me to the Nutcracker. The Colorado Ballet does a fantastic job on their Nutcracker. It's one of the best in the country. I'm SO excited!
I get to buy presents for my child! My parents always loved giving us gifts. My mom wouldn't let us into the family room on Christmas morning until she was present to see our faces light up. For the first time in my life, I got to buy my daughter a Christmas present. She'll have no idea that she's even been gifted this year, she's only going to be 4 1/2 months old, but it's exciting for ME. I got her this musical star stacking toy:

Hanging out with family. Sure, we do it all year. But the holidays make it especially special.
Cozy winter afternoon naps.
Hanging the mistletoe. Okay, so this has been up since last year, I'm afraid to admit. I promise to take it down this year.
Sending Christmas cards.
Receiving Christmas cards.
Cozy cuddly babies...
during an afternoon snowfall!
Decking the halls. Fa lalalala. Sparkly poinsettias from Walmart.
Friends coming to visit.
Specifically my mom's best friend Leo, and her husband George, who live in a quaint town in Kansas. Aren't they cute?
Eisley found a pal in George.

Decorating my mantle. This is the one time of year we get to be totally extravagant and overdo it with our glittery decor. And the tree, of course. I have inherited some of my dad's 1950's ornaments. They're delightfully old. But even if none of that existed, the best part is celebrating the season with my family. Exactly a year ago that little girl was just a tiny tiny cluster of cells in my body.
Christmastime will forevermore remind me of the joyous news of Eisley. Even though I didn't know her yet. I knew of her.
Merry Christmas.

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  1. Ok, I stared at that Nutcracker picture for SO long. That is a guy right? On pointe? Or is it a woman with a really *detailed* set of tights? lol. I can't figure this out. I know that there are male dancers on pointe, but I've never actually seen this in a performance. I'm jealous!

  2. I didn't even notice that but yeah he is on pointe! Interesting...

    Male ballerinas come in before firemen for me... they're so gorgeous and wonderfully masculine-graceful.

  3. I liked this post! I love all your x-mas decorations - very pretty. I've always wanted to go to the Denver Nutcracker too! You will have to tell us about your night! Fun.

    P.S. I love those black iron things in the mistle toe picture. Very cool.

  4. Michelle - those are from Hobby Lobby! I got them for like $2/each. Do you ever go there? I love that place...


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