Do you like the new Swedish look to my blog? I do. Eisley's personality is starting to come out, more than ever. We can't really say...

{ Eisley Smiles }

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 ,

Do you like the new Swedish look to my blog? I do.

Eisley's personality is starting to come out, more than ever. We can't really say exactly who she'll be, but we definitely know some things about her.

Eisley is cheery.
She smiles at anyone and anything. Recently I noticed her smiling at a cashier at a store when I was checking out. I didn't think he would notice, nor did he seem the type to care about babies. But when he noticed her smiling at him, he started in on the baby talk and was utterly charmed by her full fledged grin at him.

Eisley is tolerant.
No matter what sort of unpleasant thing we're doing to her, from clipping her nails to bathing her to accidentally bumping her head - the child takes everything in stride and gets over things quickly.

Eisley loves singing.
I sing to her all the time, and she always has the same reaction. When I start singing to her Eisley stops whatever she's doing and whips her head towards me, then she watches me with the biggest, goofiest grin while I croon to her. As my career as a soloist, Eisley is my biggest fan.

Eisley is strong.
She's been ahead of schedule on all of her physical milestones. She especially loves "marching" when she's standing on her feet. She would stand all day if we let her...

Eisley is a good eater. I cringed when I gave her that first bottle of formula, expecting a dramatic reaction like, "Hey! This is not what I eat!" But she didn't even seem to notice it was different. Eisley wolfed it down like nobunnies bidness.

Eisley is easy going.
She's okay with being toted around the house while I do laundry and chores, she's just happy to watch. And when I take her out? She usually sleeps that time away, but if she happens to wake up, she just browses with her eyes. The only time I've ever had her sass me is when her bottle is taken away before she's ready to give it up. This little girl can raise quite a fuss when she wants to! Gets that from her momma, I guess...

So there. These things are the first signs of her personality. We have yet to see who this little girl will become, but she's giving away hints. I quite like her.

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  1. Yes I *do* like the new Swedish look on your blog.

    Regarding your singing, although Eisley may come in a close second, *I* claim the rights as your biggest fan :-)

    From what I've experienced, I concur with all your observations of Eisley's budding personality, and, *I* quite like her, too!!!

  2. Sounds like a great baby to have!


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