I am a portrait photographer wannabe.   After our trip to Orcas Island last fall, Justin decided it was time to update our camera. We ...

Photography Ambitions

Thursday, June 15, 2017 , ,

I am a portrait photographer wannabe. 

Lark & Lola Photography

After our trip to Orcas Island last fall, Justin decided it was time to update our camera. We replaced our trusty old Nikon with a more compact, mirrorless Olympus E-M5MarkII. Three lenses is all I have to work with, but I have my heart set on another one, a Panasonic 42.5mm I tested out last week at Mike's Camera. Doesn't everyone want more bokeh in their life?

Lark & Lola Photography

The other day my girlfriend's daughters came to stay with us for a sleepover, and since said girlfriend recently had a birthday, and since I'm always looking for cute kids to hone my photography skills on, I sneaked them over to the Museum of Outdoor Arts at Fiddlers Green to shoot them. With my camera.

I hope you don't think it's pretentious of me to add watermarks to my photos already. But I've had people steal my photos and reproduce them before, so for photos going on my blog like these, it's a small deterrent. 

violet headshot

Not those kids, those kids above are mine. These pretty girls below.


I keep looking at their photos and thinking how I could have done more in Photoshop to perfect them. I suppose photography is very much like painting, you can mess with it until the cows come home, but there has to come a moment where you decide, I've done enough.


These girls are my kids' besties. And they were SO GOOD about being dragged around and photographed. I say it was a gift for my friend, but really it was a treat for me. I love photographing babies and kids. 


Anyway, after Justin got our new Olympus, I've been slowly accruing other photography supplies. I have a basic lighting kit. I got Adobe Creative Cloud {basically, ALL the Adobe programs, from Photoshop to Lightroom to Dreamweaver} for an affordable monthly fee {thanks to them recognizing homeschooling families as educators}. I would still like to get some backdrop kits, a light meter, and a couple other lenses, but...


All this to say, I sort of love photography. I have for a while.

Lark & Lola Photography

But as of now, I'm considering working toward making a little bit of a career out of it. Maybe.


Above is the unedited JPEG version of this photo that my camera does automatically, and below is the edited version of the RAW format after I photoshopped it. What do you think? Too much blur?

Lark & Lola Photography

I just have to master camera settings {I am so left-brain-dead} and more photoshop skills.
Also, finding a decent printer, because Walgreen's and Mike Camera's print services aren't cutting it. I'm thinking of taking classes, if I can find an affordable one. 
Any tips? Do you think anyone would pay me a beginner's fee for photos like these? 

And I do worry about things like colors being off. I just calibrated my computer screen. You should too. Make sure you're seeing things right, you know? That first one at the top is one of my favorites.

Happy Spring,
{Did you know it's still Spring?}

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  1. Hi, Heather! I got to see those two darling girls all week at VBS! Your pictures of them captured their sweetness PERFECTLY! So beautiful! I wouldn't change a thing! (In your last picture though, I would say yes, too much blur -- I think the one above it is just lovely.) And yes, I believe people would definitely buy pictures like yours! You have a really good feel for what makes a good photo, including backgrounds and such. Always love your photos! And love you, too! (And missed your family this year at VBS, but I understand your church's was going on this same week.) God bless -- Becky


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