Day three found us in Orange County, California.  Some pretty special people live in California. First we saw relatives on my side, now ...

California 2015 Part 6 - Visiting Baby Easton in the OC

Friday, October 16, 2015 , ,

Day three found us in Orange County, California. 
Some pretty special people live in California. First we saw relatives on my side, now it was time to visit relatives on Justin's side of the family. 

California 2015

And so we showed up on Cousin Easton's doorstep, because we'd heard rumors that our newest relative, born in July, was really adorable. We had to find out for ourselves. 

California 2015

Yeah, I'd say the rumors were spot on! 

California 2015

Paxton was probably the most excited about meeting Easton.
Because for a short time, the attention of his Big Smothers was diverted elsewhere.

California 2015

Easton is such a sweet baby!

California 2015

And very easy-going too, I'd say, because he put up with the Smothers quite well. 

California 2015

And also the worst of the Smothers, myself. 

California 2015

This sort of thing is hard on me. Makes me want another baby so bad. 
{But that'd also mean a fourth c-section, so don't worry folks. See? I can be reasoned with.} 

California 2015

Easton, meet your favorite uncle. 

California 2015

Uncle Todd & Aunt Rachel welcomed us into their home for pre-dinner drinks. 
So I have to ask, have you been looking past the people in the photos?
Yeah, you know you have. 

California 2015

I took as many cell phone photos of their home as I did the baby. 

California 2015 California 2015California 2015

As you can see, they have a knack for furnishing and decorating a midmod SoCal home!

Todd started out his career as an art teacher, and his creative side shows the second you walk in their home. Like this painting he did, hung against the backside of the fireplace that he added some cubist depth to DIY-style. Impressive, isn't it?

California 2015

My photos don't do it justice. While I have a cottage-cluttered--chic-too-much-Pyrex-and-thrifted-crap sort of style, I really adore the modern thing too. Especially the minimalist side of it. It's against my nature to be minimalist, but that's why I admire and appreciate it in other people's homes.

California 2015 

And Uncle Todd has a very thoughtful side to him, filling his home with things that really mean something.
That acrylic box on the lower right? That's a piece of the Berlin Wall he sought out. 
I mean, for me it's good enough to go to Goodwill and buy someone's used junk because it looks cute, but apparently others they seek out pieces of history to bring home. 
California 2015

And I didn't go out into their backyard because hot, but I did take a photo.
Look at what the drought has done to the grass! Just kidding, that's overexposed sunlight. 
#hot #somelikeithot #idonot
California 2015

It a fit of jealous rage, Justin and I are conspiring to send Easton a lot of toys at Christmases and birthdays. 
It's not fair for parents to have such a gorgeous, uncluttered home. Needs more Legos to be stepped on! We're going to be Easton's favorite aunt and uncle too, he deserves spoiling.
California 2015

Just kidding. Easton already has a playroom.
And anyway, he's too little to smear their walls with yogurt or peanut butter.
That stage comes later.
Maybe I do want another baby. 

Easton also has a sweet nursery. Todd made this USA decor, quite fitting as he's a July 4th firecracker baby and his mommy is a history buff and teacher.
California 2015

His little room is adorable!

California 2015California 2015

Okay, I could go on and on here, but we had to get on with it. 
So we followed Uncle Todd & Aunt Rachel out through the neighborhoods of Orange County, their pretty and easy drive to work...

California 2015

Which is Orange Lutheran High School!
California 2015

True Story: Justin and I visited OLHS when we were on choir tour from Denver Lutheran High school in 2000! Just before we started dating. The campus looked completely different back then! It was shocking, but they've had two remodel/building projects since then. {Because parochial schools in OC can afford those sorts of things.}

Todd & Rachel met in college at Irvine and both started out their careers here at OLHS. They both started as teachers, and have quickly worked their way up into admin positions. 

So we got a little private tour of the campus...

California 2015

Sander and I did theater in high school together, but it looked nothing like this. 
Their performing arts center--remember this is a high school--made me jealous. 

California 2015California 2015

I realize our own local Lutheran high school doesn't have the same ability {funding} to create such an impressive arts space, and to be fair we're not a few miles from Hollywood either, but man...OLHS clearly holds their arts departments as valuable as the sports departments. And that's a rare thing in the high school industry. Or at least it seems. Well done of them.

Now this is an open-air cafeteria. You would never see one of these in Colorado. 

California 2015

What is happening? Where are the pro sports teams? This can't be a high school.
California 2015California 2015

Okay, enough high school photos.
I'll give myself nightmares.
Who am I kidding? I already have nightmares about high school.
I wake up on a regular basis reminding myself, No, Heather, you did graduate.

The real reason for our outing was to get dinner together. So we followed Easton and his parents to the old town (?) Orange area. Typical cute old town America, what with the boutique gift shops, antiques, old churches, and a fountain. 


We had dinner at one of the two new concept pizza restaurants within 1 block, which does personal pizzas Chipotle-served style. Seeing as this is a new trend on the west coast, we can expect this sort of thing soon too. {It was really good! I don't remember the name of it.}

Nor do I remember the name of the ice cream place we visited after pizza, because Todd insisted on treating us. But the name isn't important...
California 2015

What is important is that this place wins both Most Unique Flavors as well as Most Crazy Ice Cream Making awards. Because not only did they have beet & goat cheese ice cream, but they make it one the spot with liquid nitrogen. 

California 2015

And? It was the best ice cream I've ever had to date. I'm not just saying that.
You want the name of it now, don't you? Too bad. I can't remember it.

Thank you for the ice cream, Uncle Todd & Aunt Rachel!

California 2015

The next time we see our baby cousin Easton will probably be next summer. He'll be huge!

California 2015

I miss those people.

So now onto Part 7.

Beaches? Check.
Cousins? Check.
In-N-Out? Check.
Disneyland? We were seriously bracing ourselves.


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To Be Continued...

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