Today I'd like to talk about the blogvious. I'm wondering if you've noticed it too?  I thought I'd coined a new ter...


Tuesday, August 25, 2015 ,

Today I'd like to talk about the blogvious. I'm wondering if you've noticed it too? 

I thought I'd coined a new term: blogvious. 

Okay, so Google says I'm not the first person to think themselves the clever creator of that term, but the meaning, maybe? Blogvious: blogging the obvious. 

To be fair, I've been guilty of it too. I forget what post it was, but I know I've done it. Perhaps it is a sign of the end times being upon us, because we've ran out of creativity? I look at Pinterest and despair. Everything has been done, I am no longer creative. 

And so maybe we've ran out of things to post about, really? Tutorials and new recipes posted on blogs 5 years ago was thrilling, but now? It's all been done.

The result is that we're having to either come up with ridiculous things {I'm talking to you, breakfast sandwich} or we just recycle what everyone knows and post it on our blogs like we created fire. Examples? Sure...

It started to become apparent to me a few months ago when I was scrolling through Pinterest. Someone had pinned a photo and link to a blog post titled, "How to make a chocolate milkshake". I clicked the link, I took the bait. I was really thinking, there must be something special here. Some special tip or secret to making chocolate milkshakes in an old shoe on a 107 degree day outside or something. Using only ingredients from your garden.

I clicked the link and actually just read the blogvious, and ended up wanting that 3 minutes of my life back. With nicely edited pictures and all as if this were sure to become the new trendy milkshake sensation sweeping the nation: mix ice cream, chocolate syrup, and milk. in a blender. pour in glass. boom. milkshake. 


Yeah. Mine too.

Or at least it was in 1994 when I was ten and my sister showed me how to power up the blender when mom wasn't home and make myself a chocolate milkshake whenever. I'm sorry, but is this blog worthy? Who doesn't know how to make a milkshake? I mean, I'm sorry if I sound snotty or something...but... she went through to trouble to create a printable recipe card. Guyssssss. No.

{Although, allow me to share that chocolate milkshakes are best made with chocolate--not vanilla--ice cream, and forego the chocolate syrup, what, with its synthetic chocolate flavor. So she couldn't even get it right.}{In my not-so-humble opinion.}

It happened again a few weeks later. I won't name names but I came across a post on a popular blog, a blog I very much enjoy most of the time. But here was a guest blogger showing the internets how to organize a makeup drawer.

It was revolutionary, I tell you. First, she cleared out the messy drawer and wiped it clean. {tip? have a trash bag ready. it's where you put trash.} In case this is a difficult concept to understand, the blogger provided pictures of the now-empty drawer. Then--get this--she took this thing called a drawer organizer. It looks much like the utensil organizer you have in your kitchen, see. Apparently these are easy to find at any Walmart or Dollar Tree on this side of 1960.

She then put the organizer in the drawer, and finally put her makeup back in an organized fashion. Again, pictures included in case you need more help understanding. How a drawer organizer works.

Now, again, it'd be one thing if the post were in some way revolutionary. Like, how to organize a makeup drawer so that your toddler can't access it and toss your $55 Urban Decay Naked palette in the toilet. That might have been useful to me. But cleaning out a drawer?

This is what I mean when I say BLOGVIOUS.

Are we bloggers running out of material? It's silly, and also almost a tiny bit offensive. I'm not that dumb. I don't need some lifestyle blogger telling me how to do the most simple things in life. But I also admit, I'm pretty sure I've done it too. But as I've started to come across more and more of these so-blogvious-it's-insulting posts, I'm becoming more aware of the prevalence of them. We're running out of things to blog it's the end times or something.

This post just shows a couple examples, I've seen plenty of other examples, actually, so maybe you have too? How to make sun tea...tea+water+sun. Mindblown.

What's next? How to get out of bed in the morning?

{That one might actually be useful to me sometimes.}

So is it just me, or have you noticed it too? Are we running out of fresh tutorials, blog posts, and tips to share so much that we're just blogging the obvious anymore? Maybe a lot of us bloggers just aren't as creative as we once thought we were.


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  1. I totally get it, Heather! A few weeks ago, I was making dinner and needed garlic butter. Since I had never cooked with it before, I wanted to double check Pinterest to see if garlic butter was in fact that....butter with some garlic stirred in. Yep, that's all it is. But did you know that there were 638 (ok, a slight exaggeration) different pins detailing the difficult task of making garlic butter? Seriously. And don't some of these bloggers get paid to post this stuff? Wow. I need to look into changing jobs :-)

    Your cooking and craft posts are my FAVORITE!! Your pictures are always awesome and the way you detail all the steps are exactly what my not so quick to catch on sometimes brain needs :-)


  2. Thanks, Erica! You're too kind.

    Yes, that's exactly the sort of thing I'm talking about with blogs and Pinterest. It's over saturated and overkill. In fact, when writing this post I got on Pinterest to see if I could find that original chocolate milkshake pin...and in doing so I found there were TONS of other bloggers who posted about the magic of chocolate syrup, ice cream, milk, and blenders.

    Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ My favorite thing to do when I need a recipe or cooking advice is to call my mom anyway.


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