In 2014... We celebrated 10 years of marriage. We made an offer on and went under contract on our future home.  Our favorite ...

A Summary of 2014

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In 2014...

We celebrated 10 years of marriage.

We made an offer on and went under contract on our future home. 
Our favorite little redhead turned 3, and we celebrated for the first time without a big party
Violet's 3rd BirthdayViolet's 3rd BirthdayViolet's 3rd Birthday

Stain & Paint
{Many thanks to all the family & friends who helped us move,
refinish our floors, and paint!}

We bought our first chicks
Ducks & Chicks

The Little Yellow Coop

Our favorite little guy turned 1! We celebrated with a rainy Wynken, Blynken, and Nod themed party
Paxton's 1st BirthdayPaxton's 1st BirthdayPaxton's 1st Birthday

We got our first egg!
For the Birds
Bushel & a Peck 

Justin left his job at ListenUp to seek out a new opportunity...

We did our first homeowner projects, like installing this new window which started off our kitchen makeover.
Kitchen Makeover - Part 1

Justin & I turned 30! We've been together for about 1/2 of our lives now. 

Our oldest, Eisley, turned 6! We celebrated at the Downtown Aquarium
Eisley's 6th Birthday at Downtown AquariumEisley's 6th Birthday at Downtown Aquarium

Justin went back to ListenUp and we all celebrated!

We decided to upgrade from our '04 Volvo with 180k miles on it to a newer, peppier version that will {God willing} take us on road trips in 2015. That car was good to us, 90k miles and two babies home from the hospital. What lies ahead with new Volvo? Here's to the next 80k. 

We completed our kitchen makeover with new countertops, a new sink, a new window, new tile, and lots of fresh paint. 
Lark & Lola House Kitchen Makeover
We got our first-ever flocked tree, and the kids' first-ever real tree. 
Christmas Decor 2014 

We celebrated the holidays well, especially one night when we had my parent's friends and our pastor's family over. Good times in the new home!

The year came to a wonderful close, as it often does for Christians, as we celebrated the birth of our Savior. One day He will return and we celebrate that promise as well. 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Our Love,
The Erickson-Sanders

Auld lang syne...and all that...

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  1. You don't realize how busy a year has been until you sit down and write about all the highs and lows. I loved it when you guys got your house and we all got to follow along with the process. But my favorite parts were getting to watch the kids grow. You are a lucky gal, Heather. Beautiful family, beautiful home, happy life. 2015 has a lot to live up to :-)

    Happy New Year, Friend!


    1. Thank you, Erica!! You're the sweetest. It's crazy how much has happened and how big the kids are already.


  2. Love your year-end recap! What an exciting year! I missed Justin going back to the old job though--did you blog about that? Glad you're settling in to home ownership (and your gorgeous kitchen), chicks, three kids, and stability. Happy New Year!

    1. I did blog about it, but didn't "advertise" it much since it felt like ALL I'D BEEN DOING for weeks and weeks was blogging about Justin's job. Lol. Anyway, he's back at his old job and we're SO HAPPY about it.

      Happy New Year to you also, Gretchen! Thanks for the sweet comment :-)


  3. Yay for road trips! Happy New Year.


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