Thanksgiving is upon us! Are you ready? I got all of my Thanksgiving shopping done easy and early this year, and I'm about to tell...

A little help with holiday grocery shopping!

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Thanksgiving is upon us! Are you ready?

I got all of my Thanksgiving shopping done easy and early this year, and I'm about to tell you how!
I went to the grocery store two Saturdays ago and it was frightening! Did I mention that I went alone with three kids in tow? What was I thinking?
But we are having Thanksgiving at our house this year, so shopping for cartfuls is a necessary evil.

I got all of the above groceries without leaving the comfort of my home.

That's trips to the store. No managing three kids in an urban grocery store. No saying excuse us or pardon me a million times to strangers, but not one person says anything kind to me...they just glare because you have three kids with you and are blocking their view of the seafood because you can't get your cart around the traffic...
Walmart asked me to try their Walmart Grocery To Go service, although we'd already tried it twice before {and liked it}. 
"Plan your Thanksgiving with our help," they said. 
I was like, "Yes, please!"

Placing an order for delivery here in Denver was so easy. 

Just search for your needed items, sort by price or relevency. Add to your cart with a click!

When your order is complete, you select your delivery time. They have plenty of options. You can choose from two-hour-windows or four-hour-windows. This was our third order placed with Walmart Grocery To Go, and so far we've never actually had to pay for delivery. When I go to check out, it always ends up being free for some reason. But you can see the prices for different time slots, and pick one that is the right time AND price for you. I chose the 4-hour slot for Saturday night. It was 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. for $3.00. {Still ended up being free in the end.}

The way I look at it, paying a few bucks for delivery beats wasting gas, time, energy, and  you definitely save money by not being in the store and seeing all those little extra things you need but don't need. 

So I placed my order, and sure enough the next night, around 10 p.m., the delivery truck showed up. 
We'd been up watching Parenthood. I'm a night owl, so choosing the late delivery time is fine by me!

You want to tip them, but the Walmart website specifically says not to. 

So there you have it, without all the hassle of going to the store during the holidays, I had ALL my Thanksgiving shopping done. Just like that. {We got a special brined turkey from TJs, but literally everything else I needed was in these bags!}

As we were unpacking our groceries, we double checked everything on our order to make sure it arrived. We realized there was one thing from our $100 order missing! The cherry tomatoes! They were nowhere to be found. This is why you have to do grocery shopping yourself, I thought to myself, shaking my head. We made plans to call them in the morning and ask for a refund on the tomatoes. Then, my husband spotted them by the door. Sure enough, the tomatoes were there! We must have let them fall from a bag as we were accepting them from the delivery guy. My faith was restored. Walmart has done a good job so far in making sure our To Go orders have been complete and accurate. 

The holidays are stressful and time consuming, especially for moms! While having our groceries delivered won't completely replace all our grocery shopping, it definitely has proven helpful when it comes to large orders during stressful times. I can think of SO MANY times grocery delivery would have been useful. Walmart is making it easier than it ever has been before. Basically, grocery delivery isn't just for shut-ins anymore. 

If you are interested in trying it out for yourself, see here:
Walmart Grocery To Go

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Give yourself a break for the holidays!


Disclosure: As a participant in the Walmart Grocery to Go program, I’ve received a personal invite and payment for my time and efforts in creating this post.

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