I cried when I found out Eisley had eye issues and would need glasses. Yes, I know. It's not a big deal. Kids in glasses are the CU...


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I cried when I found out Eisley had eye issues and would need glasses.

Yes, I know. It's not a big deal. Kids in glasses are the CUTEST. Yes, I know. Many children suffer from FAR WORSE conditions than amblyopia. I know. I know. I know.

I am nothing if not emotional. Emotions are the first thing to bubble up before my logic, reason, and straight thinking come forward. So I cried when I found out Eisley needed to wear glasses, because I'm a mamma bear at heart and it hurts to see my kids have to "suffer" anything. Even eyeglasses.

We'd noticed her eyes crossing a bit as a toddler, and it was concerning since Justin has had similar eye issues. Then, as she grew a bit older, she started squinting and blinking when watching television or trying to concentrate. It was obvious, she needed to see the eye doctor.

My family has stellar eyesight, that is, until we age. I've always had 20/20, and Justin has been heard calling me "Eagle Eyes" a few times, because I can read a street sign from a block away and find Waldo in two seconds flat. Simply put: I've never had to experience eyesight issues. Although when I was in second grade I decided I needed glasses because I thought they looked cool, so I told my parents my vision was blurry and they got me some. {I was un-focusing my eyes on purpose.} To this day, my family still gives me grief for the time I convinced them I needed glasses.

I remember, when Eis first received her diagnosis, being irrationally resentful of Justin. The eye issues were probably from his genes. How dare he. {I know, I know. I know.}

But then she got her prescription for new lenses and we picked out her adorable purple frames, the compliments from strangers started pouring in. Everywhere we went, people commented on "that little blonde girl with the cute purple glasses, isn't she cute!" I realized, glasses are pretty cute! And they only add to her character. Nothing wrong here! I like Eisley with glasses!

A year later, Eisley was suddenly resisting wearing her glasses. We took her back to her wonderful eye doctor. But no, the presctiption hadn't changed. Eisley had been diagnosed with amblyopia, and the diagnosis remained. That's basically a lazy eye. One eye was stronger than the other. One of her eyes {her left} had much worse vision than the other. {Very similar to her daddy's eye issues.} Some cases require surgery, but Eisley was only prescribed glasses at the time. One lens was, like, +2.25 and the other +0.50 or something like that. {I don't honestly remember, but they were drastically different.} It was a pretty significant problem, and Eisley was fitted for glasses at at a very young age.

Today, I took Eisley to the eye doctor again. Finally! She has a really great eye doctor with a great reputation and a great staff. I'd missed the last appointment, which was upsetting because she's been without her glasses for a couple months now. They were broken beyond repair during play with her cousins. This appointment has been a long time coming.

I was so proud of her today. Usually Justin comes with us and sits in the big chair with Eisley while her eyes are checked. Today, she flew solo as I had to wrangle Violet and Pax.

The nurse did the intial exams, as usual. She seemed perplexed toward the end of her exam, and muttered things like, "That's interesting." and "Hmm..." Then Dr. Cohen came in, and he reiterated the nurse, "That's interesting." and "Huh...".

Dr. Cohen is a serious man who looks like he just stepped off the time machine; what, with his bow ties, his combover, and mustache. He has a cute, matter-of-fact way with the kids. I've been assured by more than one pediatrician that he is the best of the best.

It's been a year and a half since her prescription was last updated. I was planning on driving over to the eyeglasses shop right after her appointment, to order a new pair with her updated prescription right away. It had been too long without her glasses!

I was feeling like a bad mom. What if we'd made her eyesight worse by allowing her to go without glasses all these weeks? And also self conscious, even, whenever she's been seen lately without her glasses. People had gotten to know her by those cute purple frames. Justin and I were being neglectful in allowing her to go months without her much needed eyeglasses.

Only to find out today...

Eisley doesn't need glasses anymore. 

She has 20/20. In BOTH eyes.


I'd been told before by Dr. Cohen, kids eyes are always changing. Apparently, Eisley's amblyopia has disappeared. Cured itself. The doctor says he can still tell a slight difference, one eye is still a bit more sharp than the other, but they are both 20/20, nonetheless.

Eisley doesn't NEED eyeglasses anymore!!!

Or at least for the time being. We need to go back once a year to have her checked, and her eyesight very well could change again.

I'm still a bit shocked, honestly. I told Dr. Cohen, "I was under the impression she would wear glasses all her life!" He shrugged. He sounded surprised too, that Eisley's eyes had corrected themselves.

"She no longer needs glasses, for the time being." he said.

I cried when I found out she needed them. Today I left the eye doctor, called Justin to tell him the good news, and then I looked back in my rearview mirror at my blonde eldest child. Well, shoot. I'm going to sort of miss those cute purple frames.

DSC_2578 Cheers,

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  1. I'm so happy to hear this, but we love our beautiful and darling Eisley girl with OR without her glasses! But, like you, I'm kind of going to miss seeing those cute purple glasses :-)

  2. She looks like such a big girl without those sweet glasses. Put them back on!! :-)

    Congrats to Eisley. I'll bet she is super proud!


  3. She is the cutest. She looks so grown up. She also could be a Vanderhyde, you know. You and I probably have slightly better than 20/20 vision. Ayla is 20/13 in one eye and something like 20/17 in the other.

  4. I'm so happy for Eisley! She was adorable with those glasses, but having healthy eyes is the much better blessing.


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