Sweet Violet, I hope someday you will understand why your 3rd birthday was totally normal. I throw detailed parties because I enjoy it....

Violet's Totally Normal 3rd Birthday

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 , , ,

Violet's 3rd Birthday

Sweet Violet, I hope someday you will understand why your 3rd birthday was totally normal.

I throw detailed parties because I enjoy it. I started off the extreme birthday party tradition strong, with Eisley's Alice in Wonderland 1st birthday party. Her carnival themed party followed, which was really fun. Eisley's 3rd birthday party was cowgirl themed. Then Violet's Little Red Riding Hood 1st birthday party is probably still my favorite. Violet's 2nd birthday was Dumbo themed with a clown and everything! Eisley's "Eis Cream" party, which was what me "cutting back" on parties looks like. She also got the tiger themed party this year.

After all of THAT you can only imagine how hard it was for me to let Violet's birthday go by without so much as a cute invitation or party favor. We're moving, you see. Half-packed, painting walls, cleaning carpets and preparing to refinish the hardwood floors in the house we close on tomorrow. This was just a bad time to throw a party. So we didn't.

Of course, I know, she is three. This is not a big deal. She will not remember not getting a bouncing castle, a three-tiered cake, or a handmade bunting to decorate her princess party. But I sort of like making a big deal out of birthdays and parties, in case you couldn't tell. So I still had a hard time with it. Mommy guilt. Okay, and maybe a part of me keeps looking at her sideways and wondering if she is wondering why she isn't getting a fun party for her birthday and it means we don't love her...STOP IT, HEATHER! Next year's party better have, like, dancing purple and orange kangaroos or something spectacular like that to make up for her "lackluster" very simple 3rd birthday party.

Simply put: we partied like normal people this time.
Violet's 3rd Birthday
Violet has recently turned into quite the girly girl. She loves pink, princesses, and pretty things. So, in attempt to make this day at least somewhat memorable and Violet-esque, we headed over to Jack & Jill's Salon to get our nails and hair done.
She was really quiet, but she really enjoyed getting the princess treatment. We had planned on Eisley and Violet getting their hair and nails done together, but Eisley was scared and refused. Ha! My older child...who knew she'd be that kid. Since I cut the hair in this house, Eisley has never been to a real salon and was very apprehensive about it. We weren't about to force her to get her nails polished.
This is exactly what my job looked like when I worked at Lollilocks for a few years. Lollilocks is closed now, but it was right down the lane from Jack & Jill's. It's hard work cutting kids hair, but the tips were really good and it forces you to become a fast, good hairstylist. {Parents often inspect their kids haircuts the way you could never even inspect your own haircut.} This was fun for me too, being the customer for once, instead of the cosmetologist.
Violet's 3rd Birthday
She picked pink polish with sparkles and a crown toe-ring. It was adorable!
Violet's 3rd Birthday
She doesn't have much hair to work with, but a cute pigtail style and some sparkle spray and we were happy.
Violet's 3rd Birthday
Like the normal people we are, we headed over to Red Robin to meet just the family for a birthday lunch.
Violet's 3rd Birthday
Auntie Katie was able to make it too; she currently lives in Arizona so we didn't think she would be there. It was funny because the entire week before her normal party, Violet had been talking about Auntie Katie. She also insisted Auntie Katie would be making her birthday cake. {Auntie Katie let her down on that one.}
Violet's 3rd Birthday
The singing staff was loud. {But she liked it.}
We also brought along some perfectly normal chocolate cupcakes to celebrate with.
Violet's 3rd Birthday
I found little violet cupcake toppers at Cake Crafts to top the normal cupcakes with. Perfect!
Violet's 3rd Birthday
It's true, kids don't need over-the-top birthday parties. Though they are fun and memorable and normal for us. This lackluster party was actually more unique just because of that. If you can even call it a party...I didn't even send out invitations or give out party favors...{somewhere my husband is reading this right now and rolling his eyes}.
Violet's 3rd BirthdayViolet's 3rd BirthdayViolet's 3rd Birthday
She did get some good gifts out of the day. Including this Little Mermaid Vanity set {can you believe I THRIFTED that at Goodwill, still new in the box!} and she has been playing with it ever since.

We have a happy, well manicured three-year-old and that is all that matters right?

You were two weeks and two days late. 
But you finally came, you've kept us on our toes, and we love you more each day.

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  1. As long a Violet had an awesome day, that should be all that matters, right Heather? RIGHT?! Ha Ha! I'm sure you had a hard time not slaving over that amazing birthday cake or your super creative favors. Well, there is always next year and hey, Isn't Paxton's birthday coming up soon?

    Love the photos of Violet at the salon. Girly Girls are fun, aren't they?


  2. Awww. That is so sweet! I think that it all sounds like the perfect way to celebrate her 3rd birthday! I wouldn't mind spending my birthday that way!!!! :)

  3. So sweet!! Looks like she had a wonderful and special day!! xo Heather

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