Today I received three Christmas cards in the mail. In fact, we've received a lot of them this year! One of them was from my siste...

As for Christmas cards, this is all you get this year

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Today I received three Christmas cards in the mail. In fact, we've received a lot of them this year! One of them was from my sister {love you, Bea, but we both know the year YOU are all on top of Christmas and I can't even send a card is the year of the Twilight Zone--really, I was impressed and jealous}, complete with a letter and a photo montage of her family. I sort of can't believe I didn't get to it this year, the Christmas card is one of my favorite things to plan...

This is the reason:

I'm 50 shades of exhausted, people. 

I'm 10 weeks pregnant now {yay!}, due mid July, and I'm very happy and excited. Unlike my two previous pregnancies, I'm not having the bad morning sickness. With Eisley I vomited so violently that blood vessels burst all over my face and Justin was accused of beating me up. With Violet, I couldn't brush my teeth without  gagging and retching. With #3, I just have slight nausea here and there--but what's the worst for my #3 is that I'm a total zombie. 

Seriously, don't laugh, but it's hard for me to find the energy to walk across the room right now. 

Maybe we should have planned #3 a month earlier, because I have 2 weeks of 1st trimester left--the end is in sight, but unfortunately for Christmas traditions, I'm out for the count right now. 

I've just given up on all my plans. There are Santa gifts ready, and Justin has helped me make fudge {read my condescending and braggy fudge post here} but that's about it. 

I'm not complaining! I'm just saying: we're scraping by on Christmas this year. Doing the bare minimum and that's it. Blame the baby if you must, but really, I'm okay with this. Really, I just want to go to sleep right now and wake up when it's January 1st and I'm 12 weeks, a time when the umbilical cord takes over and I typically feel great again. Almost there!

On a positive note, this time around I feel less guilt because Violet and Eisley have each other. Last time, poor Eisley went ignored from weeks 7-12 while I lay on the couch with a faux hangover. They play well together, it takes a load off for me right now.
Tonight in their bath, Violet got a little rowdy toward the end. She tried to ride Eisley which somehow turned into her getting Eisley into a headlock. My Eisley is so good with tolerating the abuse her ginger sister doles out on her. 

In a strangled, yet cheerful voice, Eisley said, "It's okay. She's just my best friend."

It was pretty endearing...despite the headlock. 

We are feeling very blessed and excited to have another little best friend on the way. Eisley is over the moon. Violet doesn't get it--yet--but we are expecting Santa to bring her an American Girl Bitty Baby {with red hair} which will be less for playing and more for teaching her not to put babies in headlocks. 
^ There's your Christmas letter for ya. That's all you get this year. ^

Oh yeah, Justin's job is going great. Eisley is 4, Violet is almost 2, and I'm exhausted.

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  1. Yayyy! So excited for you! I was pregnant around the same time you were with Violet and battled with the same diagnosis as you "Gestational Diabetes." And like you, I had to fight with the doctors about not inducing. My baby only weighed 6ibs 5oz and I had to stick my tongue out too! I hope this pregnancy is easier on you this go around! Congrats lady!

    1. So good to hear from another GD mom who stood her ground! Good for you! Was that one your first?

      Thanks for the lovely comment!

    2. No, with my first I was also diagnosed but my blood sugars were always too low as well. I only gained 20-24 lbs with each baby and they were both little babies. I was not your typical GD. I did everything my doc told me to do with the first baby (including allowing her to induce me 2 weeks early due to "GD" with no other reasoning) and I suffered with a bad delivery. This time around I stood my ground and had a wonderful delivery. I wish you all the luck!

  2. Awe, congratulations! How exciting for you & your family!

  3. I know! Truly we are living in the end times. Or a parallel universe. I likely will never send Christmas cards again.

    That is so cute about Eisley saying Viv's "just my best friend". Soooo cute.

    This was a great post!

    1. Thanks Bea :)

      And I will likely not NOT send Christmas cards again.

      Okay, actually, I probably will. Will not. Wait...

  4. Congratulations! Merry Christmas :)

    1. Thanks Naomi! I was wondering if you still ever ventured over here ;-)

      Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!


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