My dad is a 3rd generation native and my mom grew up in the Springs, so when we collectively realized this year that we've never ye...

The Colorado State Fair!

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Colorado State Fair 
My dad is a 3rd generation native and my mom grew up in the Springs, so when we collectively realized this year that we've never yet been to the Colorado State Fair, we decided we had to go at least once.
Eisley Struttin' 
Eisley donned her cowgirl boots, we slathered ourselves in sunscreen, and we drove an hour and forty-five minutes this morning to get to the fairgrounds, in Pueblo, CO.
Our Little Family 
The livestock is just one reason to go...
{And can I just say, that as a previously breastfeeding mother, that I just so feel for these poor cows and goats. Standing around all day in the heat with udders full...ugh. Poor things.}
MORE Livestock! 
The 4H gals were there today, with their goats. Goats are okay, but...I sort of have an irrational fear of them. This is due to a petting zoo incident when I was a  young girl, which involved me being pinned to a wall--like a cheerleader, pinned to the lockers by a stupid, amorous jock, one hoove on each side of my shoulders--by a goat for several minutes, intimidated by this one gluttonous goat after I ran out of the petting zoo food, it took a while before any adults noticed my screaming as the goat chewed at my clothes. SO, naturally...they creep me out.
And then, we spotted this:
Water Bubbles! 
Justin protested that our girl, Eisley, was too afraid and skittish to get into one of the large bubbles, but I insisted, after seeing the look on her face as she watched the other kids, that she had to be given the chance. 
Eisley in Water Bubble 
I knew she would be my brave girl and have a ball in there.
She's cautious by nature like me, true, but I knew she'd love this!
Eisley in Bubble 
You should have seen the bright smiles on this girl.
She had an absolute blast.
Eisley in the bubble 
Although, with every fun ride or attraction Eisley was old enough to enjoy, we had to watch a disappointed Violet. 
Oh, Violet! She, who has the spirit and gumption times ten, but simply lacks the vertical size to participate. Someday, kiddo...
Poor Violet 
Someday, mark my words, this ginger will rule the world. 

Bubble Girl 
Meanwhile, my mom shopped for "I {heart} boobies" belts and cowgirl hats.
Oh yes, these are some of the goods we saw at the fair:
{how does one fry fruity pebbles??? seriously, I'd like to know.}
They had rabbits on show, chickens, cows, pigs, goats...
Birdshows, too.
Eisley & Daddy! 
It is in some ways just like an old fashioned carnival.
{In other ways, not so much, but let's not talk about that.}
One of the biggest blessings of being a parent is watching these sort of moments through your kids eyes. 
Pretty Smile Eisley 
It is such a joy to see her with her daddy, 
and I'm so happy to see them be so close.
Justin is such a good dad to my girls.
Eisley & Daddy 
This is important to me, since I was blessed to also have such a devoted, involved father, who still is devoted and involved, just as a grandfather, now.
I know the significance in this blessing, first hand.
Papa & Viv 
But where there are arts...
Fine Arts 
My artist of a father must attend.

{Not that I'm complaining. That guy is the reason for my art education. He's the reason I can spot a Winslow Homer or Bouguereau anywhere or distinguish the difference between pointillism, impressionism, and realism. As well as spot the crap that is labeled "art". Okay, so really, he's just the reason I'm an art snob.}
And so we put up with my artist of a father, needing to look at art no matter where he goes... even if it's at the state fair.
Dad at the Art Gallery 
It's easy for us to detect when dad is in "art gallery mode". 
He gets this look in his eye...
Dad & Art 
But eventually we talked him back into going out to some rides...
Colorado State Fair
Like the carousel, one of the few rides Violet could enjoy, too.
Hey, Viv! 
{She cried when she had to get off this one. She would have sat on that horse all day.}
Momma & Violet
And the ferris wheel, in which this darling photo was taken, just before I freaked out when it was sent way up high. Apparently I was better with heights and rides back when I was a little girl.
I thought I was going to die. Especially when the helicopter went right past us. Yes, they have $20 helicopter rides at the state fair, too.
Daddy & Eisley on the Ferris Wheel 
The girls did so enjoy themselves on all those fun kiddie rides.
I won't lie, we had to sneak them onto a couple of which they were just a few inches short for according to the signs.
This is Eisley, giving the stink eye to papa when he told her not to put her hands in the water. She deserved a lot of time-outs today.
The Stink Eye
And then there's the fair fare. 
Well, shoot. There is no eating healthy at a fair. 
Food & Drink 
Finally, hot, exhausted, and totally over-tired, we drove back home to Denver. 
State Fair Sunset

I'm so glad we finally got to the fair!
{You can see more photos, and more details, at my Flickr account.}

If you're in Colorado, and have the chance to go, do. It's fun.

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  1. Looks like fun. God help you if you didn't buy me the boobies belt.

  2. Beautiful memory of a Beautiful Day! Great Photo essay! I'm so happy to spend time with Eisley and Violet. Maybe we should go back and I'll skip the art! Love Dad

  3. It was such a fun day! It was so funny to look over and see Violet riding that motorcycle all by herself! The image was the definition of her personality! It's wonderful to be able to spend time with our grandkids and see things through their eyes. Thanks for a great time!


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