Today my Bright Star turned 4! We can hardly believe it. Four years since she came into our lives as a tiny, 6 lbs, smiling baby. As ...

Four Years!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

I'm Four! 
Today my Bright Star turned 4!
We can hardly believe it. Four years since she came into our lives as a tiny, 6 lbs, smiling baby. As I always say, she smiled the day she was born {she really did} and she hasn't stopped smiling since. Strangers always noticed her and commented on what a happy baby she was. 

Now that she's FOUR, she has an opinion. We can't get away with what we used to. So, not wanting to leave her birth date completely un-celebrated, we headed off to Chuck E. Cheese when daddy got off work. Oh, Chuck E. are really a strange bit of Americana.
Chuck E. Cheese 
The birthday girl had an absolute blast, so who can complain? Sure you spend $30 on 2 cents worth of tokens=crappy toys, and sure the pizza texture is much like that of cardboard covered in melted cheese--but for our 4-year-old daughter, it was heaven on earth. So, why not?
Eisley, 4th birthday 
Skee ball!
Eisley playing skee ball
Violet!! No!
No, Violet!
Oh, but Violet did seem to have found her calling.
Seriously, this could be a great outlet for her. 
Violet's Calling 
Also, she made a girl cry tonight. 
Violet makes a little girl cry...
"What, mom? You don't get extra tickets by being nice!"
Forget the tickets and games, Eisley rode this horse about 50 times tonight.
Eis on the horse ride
Of course, whatever big sister has to do,
little sister has to do, also.
Viv rides the pony
My Girls
Love these girls.
Eis & Vi riding the horse
I beat Eisley in a mean game of air hockey.
{I tried to let her win, but it's harder than it looks when you're playing a 4-year-old.}
Eisley vs. Momma
Viv at Chuck E. Cheese
When you decide you're unwilling to spend another $10 on coins worth 5 cents, you have your child head to the "Ticket Muncher".
{Cue the speech, in old-lady voice, "Back in my day the cashier had to count every single ticket by hand..."}
Eisley cashing in her tickets

Push giant red button...
{This is super exciting when you're 4.}
Eisley getting her ticket

"What's happening?!"
And out comes your ticket reciept! Eisley had 413 tickets to cash in.
Eisley's Ticket
I think she had a pretty good birthday, especially considering that all of this excitement was preceded by Pop Tarts for breakfast, a birthday cake pop from Starbucks, fewer time-outs, & at lunch with daddy at McDonalds {where the manager just happened to give us free ice cream, not even knowing we had The Birthday Girl in tow}.
Eisley on her 4th Birthday!
Now, does that smirk not say it all?
Best birthday to date.

Oh, I can't believe it's been four whole years since I became a mommy to this most wonderful little girl. My pie, Eisley.
I love you.
Happy Birthday Eisley!

Happy Birthday. 

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  1. Happy birthday, Bright Star!!! Your Mommy is right--you have always been such a cheerful and happy girl! Your Grandma and Papa are so proud of you, and we love you SO VERY MUCH!!!

    ~Grandma and Papa Erickson

  2. Happy Birthday Eisley!
    My AJ, who is 6, smiled the day he was born and has been smiling since too.I love it. Your little girl is absolutely adorable.
    So glad she had such a great birthday!

    1. Thanks, DeAnn! I'm so excited to meet you soon!

  3. Oh Heather, they grow up so stinkin' fast, don't they?! I love all the fun, fun pics!

    1. They do! In the blink of an eye. I still feel like a teenager playing house. Thanks for the lovely comment ;-)

  4. She is such a pretty and sweet little girl, and Violet cracks me up!! I remember how Casa Bonita used to seem like heaven on earth when you were a kid and then later you go there and you're like..."Uh, what?"


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