Last week, our little family had a special sort of "vacation"... It was time for our Vacation Bible School and Justin decided t...

A Vacation

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Last week, our little family had a special sort of "vacation"... DSC_0692

It was time for our Vacation Bible School and Justin decided to take the week off {which was technically only 3 days} so that he could help out and spend time with the girls.

{Violet might try and convince you that VBS stands for "Violet's Bible School", don't believe her.}

With this year's theme being "Amazing Desert Journey", we decorated the old school building with a tent to look like a desert oasis tent. It was pretty cute!
And what a good use of that space. I sat right where that tent is during my 8th grade school year. Being in this building brings back a lot of fond memories...

Everyday at VBS last week had puppets, songs & lessons, crafts, games, and snacks. It's such a great way to get kids in the community involved. Our church is small, but our turn out was great.

Violet & Eisley loved spending time with the other kids, and their daddy.
Although they didn't always appreciate sharing their daddy with the other kids, that was clear. 
Each day was a different lesson--our church organist who also happens to be a teacher at LHS helped out with his wife (also a teacher) and they planned awesome lessons. Above, Justin plays a type of Pictionary, but there was also manna falling from the sky (Justin got on the roof), rocks with water flowing from them, game-show style games, and lots of funny dances.

Thank goodness there were actual cool teachers involved, because if it had been only Justin & I, we just would have been yelling at these kids all week ;-)
Eisley was pretty captivated by the lessons, as you can see.
Violet shares a cookie with her new "frenemy", Kiley. Kiley was such a sweetheart all week--but her & Violet were so funny to watch, sharing snacks one minute, wrestling the next.
On Friday, the final day, there were water games. It was pretty darn exciting for everyone...
This was really good for Eisley, she's needed more experience working with groups of other kids. It took her some getting used to, however, the first couple days were full of time-outs.
Water balloons!!
Violet tried to break them all while no one was looking. I think she smashed about ten before I noticed her...
For the last day, I also made these cupcakes {Jan's look better} and they were a total hit. I've never injected cupcakes with Jell-O before, but whoever thought of that was brilliant.
Don't get any ideas, Viv...

I told Justin that I think we'll have to make this an annual thing, him taking the week off. Not only did he get lots of time with the girls, I had some help with them also. Plus, in the afternoons after VBS the girls napped SO well and Justin worked on projects around the house--much needed things by all!


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  1. This looks so fun! And what are you talking about? Those cupcakes look amazing! You and your family are so cute :) Yay VBS!


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