Yesterday I was in a particularly foul mood.  Foul . {I love using that word.} It was Tuesday, what is usually Justin's "Sunday&q...

Meet My Sister Wife.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yesterday I was in a particularly foul mood. 

Foul. {I love using that word.} It was Tuesday, what is usually Justin's "Sunday" {his second day off of the week, and thus my second day of the week not being alone with my children} but instead of being at home with us he had to work an event that kept him there for a full 12 hours. No one was happy about it.

Combined with a certain time of month that usually puts me in a enough of a foul mood as it is, I was not a happy camper.

But I kept my sights set on Wednesday, because I knew my new "sister wife" was coming to help me around the house. UPS tracking told me she would be delivered to my doorstep today, so off went Justin to work and I happily waited at home for that blessed Buster Brown to arrive.

And when he did, he delivered unto me this:
  Roomba 770
About a year ago now, I was invited into the Amazon Vine program. I have never in my life won anything nor have I been what you'd call lucky, but my luck came in with Vine. Because for years I wrote a lot of "helpful" reviews for Amazon, I was eventually extended the honor of writing reviews for free products they send me each month. It's pretty cool,  but I worked to get into this program and I still work for it, too. Writing thoughtful reviews for things like sippy cups, bitter cofee, and night lights can be tedious. And I don't always get such cool products--some months you find yourself reviewing sticky notes! Though I always remind myself, anything free is cool and I'm happy to have it, even if I have to come up with a description of just how painful epilating feels. {And hey, those sippy cups are our new favorites.} But this month, I was able to score a Roomba--which is something this housewife has lusted after for years, but I knew we'd probably never have the money to splurge on one. It's a luxury item, to be sure. So when I snagged one on Vine this month I was shocked and elated--I get to review a Roomba!

My Sister Wife
I can't tell you how over-the-moon excited I am for this thing! With an older home that's prone to collecting dirt, two little ones, and pets, I feel like ALL I DO is sweep & mop. No matter how clean your house is, too, if your floors aren't clean then NOTHING feels clean. You know?

Now that my sister wife is here {I think I'm naming her Rosie, after the robot from The Jetsons} my floors are now cleaned for me! I remember when I first saw a TV commercial for the Roomba, I thought it looked gimmicky. Now, years later, this company has established a reputation--and now I can speak on it's behalf.

Look at how much Rosie collected on her first home tour! She went under my couch and everything. It's quite a haul, and she wasn't even done yet. This was half way through her first cycle--folks, I needed this.
Roomba's First Haul!
Yuck, right!? And I swear--I clean my floors almost every day! Apparently Rosie is better suited for this. She's a welcome addition to the family. Like a maid, except I don't have to worry about her seducing my husband with her little feather duster.

And it's such a blessing and relief, too. Because, as I'm about to show you, I have my hands full with other messes right now--especially after our 1-day weekend and 12 hour sans-daddy-day.

Okay, before you get the wrong idea: this is CHOCOLATE.
I promise. Just chocolate. But yesterday, apparently Viv found some chocolate stashed in her crib. {Perhaps she stowed it there in advance for a naptime snack, like an alcoholic stashing their liquor?}Yep.  I went to get her up from her nap to discover ^THIS^ mess waiting for me. Look, I'm happy: it wasn't poo.

And only minutes later, my girls did this:
Girls beat me to the paint...
That be paint. I won't lie, I might have yelled at them.

Eisley also did her fair share of mess-making during her naptime. She got out every.single.toy box. in her closet. Well, that or her closet contracted the stomach flu and had a blow out.
Eisley's Toy Closet Get the Stomach Flu
{And doesn't she look pleased, by the way?}

Not to mention, she discovered that walls can be decorated with stickers. I can't wait to dig into all this sticky goodness with my finger nails.
SO, can you see why I feel like my new sister wife is heaven sent??? I'm hyperventilating right now. {At least there's Rosie. At least there's Rosie. At least there's Rosie...}

At least my floors are clean.
At least Roomba is there for me...

I love you, Rosie. Welcome to the family.

How much do you charge for babysitting???

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  1. I want a Rosie!! When Sarah stayed with us for a month, it was like having a sister wife. And it was SO wonderful.

  2. I'm sold! Totally enjoyed this post and want a Rosie, too!


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