{Dear Violet} Today someone gave you your very first Christmas gift.  A stranger, no less, was the giver.  I took you girls to Barnes &...

Violet's First Christmas Gift

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 , ,

{Dear Violet}

Today someone gave you your very first Christmas gift. 
A stranger, no less, was the giver. 

I took you girls to Barnes & Noble so that you could toddle around while I sipped coffee, and the sweetest old lady named Jean started chatting with you.

She was impressed that you are walking so well at only 9 months old. {Aren't we all? You pretty much ran into my arms tonite when I was making dinner.} You smiled up at her and cuddled the Eeyore plush doll you'd grabbed from the shelf. It was $15. 

I had mulled over the thought of buying it for you, but decided that $15 on a stuffed animal wasn't really in our budget right now. But once Jean saw you smiling and cuddling the Eeyore, dragging it around the kids book section for a good 15 minutes, she then insisted on buying it for you. 

I tried to talk her out of it. 
Really, I did.
But Jean insisted, and so you got to take your new blue friend home with you. 

It makes me happy to think about people like Jean, who give without hesitation and even to stranger's children and grandchildren, as if you were one of her own and she had decided to spoil you today.

What a lovely start to our Christmas season, no?

You know what else is a great start to our Christmas season???
The killer grilled cheese sandwiches I made tonite for dinner. 
So unhealthy, two buttered pieces of white bread with gooey melted cheese in between. But who doesn't love a grilled cheese now and then?

You sure did. Nom nom nom...
Especially served alongside a bowl of Trader Joe's Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup. Yum. 

If there's one thing you adore, Viv, it's food.
And your new Eeyore. 

Remember to give graciously and with abandon, 
like our friend Jean. 
I don't know how else to thank her other than to keep her in my prayers. 

Don't underestimate the joy that spreads from giving. 

{Love, Mommy}

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  1. Sweet blog. Sweet story. Last Christmas at Borders a man slipped me two twenties to pay for the purchase of the woman beside him. On Christmas day I like to drive-through Starbucks and pay for the coffee for the person behind me. I confess I only do that for the karma. I've gotten a lot of free drinks in my life time. My Starbucks karma is solid gold.

  2. What a fantastic story. Some people are so beautiful and selfless.
    I imagine you will keep that toy forever and re-tell the story as other children play with it.

  3. That warms my heart, unbelievably so. It makes me happy that someone gave to you, because you two are so giving and generous to others.


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